Anyone Know What This Thing Is?

  Here’s a picture of something that was donated to the thrift stores run by my wife. Does anyone have any idea what it is? It’s got six double rolls, each wound with paper on which is printed three numbers. It’s 9 inches tall and 12 inches long. On the top of it is stamped “Patented Feb [Read More...]

More On Amy-DaughterOfTheKing

Okay, so to be clear (concerning the assertion in comment #12 on my last post that I “promote” divorce): Claiming to be “for” or “against” divorce is like claiming to be for or against weather. It depends on the weather. In principle, I’m extremely against divorce; I basically hate it, and grieve, whenever I even hear about a [Read More...]

Why I Prefer Not to Give Advice to Women with Jerk Husbands

A while ago I wrote a post entitled, “Surprise (Or Not!) Men Are Spoiled!” in which I made the case that it’s natural enough for men to be spoiled and generally feel entitled. At the end of that piece I promised to write a follow-up piece that would address the question of what a woman [Read More...]

How To Crash a Christmas Party

Ah, the Christmas season. What a great time for party-going! The problem is that it’s difficult to get invited to more than about two Christmas parties a year–one of which is always a work Christmas party, which, punch bowl or not, is pretty much exactly like going to work at night. Either way, two parties in 30 days doesn’t [Read More...]

Why Would God Create Humans?

There are only two reasons anyone ever does anything: because they have to, or because they want to. That means that God either wanted to create humans, or had to create humans. We must be the result either of God’s desire, or of God’s need. I’m voting it’s God’s desire. Because how could God have needs? He’s full unto [Read More...]

The 10 Biggest Things That Ever Happened to Me

In response to a meme going around asking about the 10 biggest things that ever happened to you: 1. Born the first time Midnight, March 21, 1958. I actually remember it, which I know makes me sound like a nut so never mind. (But I do. I remember the doctor and the two nurses, with [Read More...]

Midlife Manual For Men

I co-wrote a book with Steve Arterburn that’ll be out early in ’08. Someone wrote an article about that book here. [Read more...]

What? Me, Mediocre?

Hello, all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! So my wife Cat has this week off. Fun! Though, alas, it has made me a Blogger Lagger. So, to catch up. Below is a bit of a posting I began last week that I can tell I won’t finish this. Here’s as far as I got on a piece I was [Read More...]


Ahhh … Turkey Day. I’ll be having salami, but still. It’s good to have a day dedicated to being thankful. I … Whoa! Cat (wife) just awokened. I hear her in our bedroom, awakenizing. (It’s 6:30 a.m.) So, cool. She has the next ELEVEN DAYS OFF!! WHOO-FREAKIN’-WHOOO!! And now I’m outta here, cuz … awakeninzed wife. [Read More...]

Surprise (Or Not)! Men Are Spoiled!

Lately I’ve had reason to understand (via Six Tests to Determine If He’s Mr. Right and To Single Women: Men. Don’t. Change) that women find men as mysterious as I know men find women. That this is true comes as a bit of surprise to me. I always thought that trying to figure out a man was [Read More...]