First God Destroys, Then God Fixes

One day I was sitting at my desk at work during a totally typical weekday, feeling regretful about a particularly immature, semi-destructive thing I’d recently done, when this feeling started coming over me that in about four seconds had my undivided attention. “What the [bad word]?” I thought?. The next thing I knew, I was [Read More…]

What? Me, Contemptible?

So I’m sitting at my desk, and decide to do a little Major Speculating. And what I opt to start thinking about is the one thing that I’m afraid I always find pretty darn fascinating: Me. Actually, in those days (this is about ten years ago), thinking about myself and my life was something that [Read More…]

Neck Origami, Glowing Innards, and Pushing Around a Squeaky Little Cart

Good morning! Or whatever time it is when you happen to read this!I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Though of course it’s pretty hard not to, ‘eh? He is risen, indeed! I, on the other hand, could barely get out of bed this morning. But rise I did, because I’m a busy guy with [Read More…]

Saved In a Supply Closet. I’m So Sure.

My Most Dramatic Spiritual Conversion happened to me when I was 38 years old—and inside, as I’ve said, a supply closet at my job.  (You can read about the exact moment of that experience here, in a post of mine called, “The Happiest Ending EVER.”) A supply closet! At my job! Man. Talk about strange and mysterious ways. [Read More…]

Back on Track

My wife and I have a thing we do in the mornings. We sit down together, and then I start off by saying my personal prayers (wherein, of course, I thank God for everything he’s done and is doing for me, and ask him to protect this person, to heal that person, to guide this [Read More…]