Turning With Us in 2013

A new calendar year also has lots of us thinking about who we want to be and become in 2013.

Resolutions are a dime a dozen this time of year. But the revolution that opens us to the new order of God’s love is desperately needed now, as always.

So, what better time for a few New Year’s revolutions?

If “revolution” is about turning things around–our spirits and our world–then revolution is what we’re about at School for Conversion.

Here are a few ways you can join us from where you are:

1) Common Prayer

Two years ago, launched a little experiment in praying–and acting–together around the world. Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals has become a common language for tens of thousands of contemplative activists. In our living rooms each morning, we gather to remember who we are and to be inspired by God’s vision for the world. Now, you can even join us on your iphone.

2) Videos for the Soul

I’m a word guy, but I know visual images have incredible power to grab our hearts. No one’s doing more to feed our souls with good images than my friend Travis Reed at The Work of the People. Don’t let the adsters have all your attention. Check out hundreds of great videos, and let them turn you toward truth.

3) Go to Prison

Once again this past year, some of the most compelling stories I heard about people being transformed were from folks who went into prison to study alongside the 2.3 million women and men who are incarcerated in the United States. If you’re in Central NC, get in touch about taking one of our Project TURN classes. But where ever you are, visit those who are in prison–not just to minister, but to learn from them.

4) Keep Asking ‘Why’?

Wherever the Spirit is stirring something new, we can learn something by asking why people are doing what they do. Indeed, this is often the best way to get at the heart of faith that transforms. The Awakening of Hope is a book + DVD resource that tells some of the best stories we know and invites this conversation with a group where you are. Consider gathering for six weeks with friends and neighbors to converse and be converted together this year.

5) Keep Turning

This turning is something that keeps happening again and again. For my part, I try to write about what I can see turning once a month. If you’d like to get my “Turing Again” letter in your inbox, you can subscribe here.

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