Mothers Day, Pentecost, and the Family of God

Jesus said, “Call no man ‘Father,’” but promised that those who left their homes would find mothers and sisters and brothers in the God Movement.

As we get ready to celebrate Pentecost just after the day that’s set aside to honor mothers in the U.S., here’s a little reflection on what it means to part of the family of God and practice our “family values.”

  • Jason Valendy

    Am I missing something, I thought Mother’s Day is May 12th and Pentecost is May 19th?

    • J Wilson-Hartgrove

      you’re right, Jason. These two celebrations are often close in America, so I think about what it means to celebrate our mothers and “mother tongues” one week then learn to speak and hear other tongues by the Spirit’s power the next.

      • Jason Valendy

        That is excellent. I like that “mother tongue” play on words. Also, if you see Matt at the Rutba House, will you let him know that Estee and I say hi and we now have our second son, Evan. Thank you for all that you do in our faith and thank you for your writing.

  • TheodoreSeeber

    How can you celebrate mothers without celebrating Mary?

    • J Wilson-Hartgrove

      Indeed, we do–and not just during Advent. Thanks for the reminder that Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day for Peace is also a time to recall the Magnificat.