(A video form of this post can also be found here). The Problem of False Revelation Though a relatively young religious movement, the Mormon faith has experienced an extensive amount of revision since its founding in the 1820s to 1840s by Joseph Smith. A number of controversial doctrines were taught by earlier leaders in the movement–especially by Brigham Young–including things like polygamy, blood atonement, and a denial of interracial marriage. Throughout the years, many of these teachings have been officially… Read more

This video is another clip of a live Q&A podcast in which I answered the question: why aren’t you Reformed? Check it out!   Read more

A recent tweet from Desiring God has garnered a lot of attention for its seeming message that if one gazes upon the beauty of God, then one’s mental problems will be resolves. This clearly simplistic explanation got a lot of feedback from those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other problems. In this video, I address the problems with the tweet, and engage in discussion about how we, as Christians, are to understand depression and anxiety.   Read more

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I really dislike the majority of theological interaction over social media platforms. This probably sounds odd coming from me, because that is precisely what I do with a large portion of my time. As one who engages in the theological task, this is just the way that ideas spread in contemporary society, so it is a simple necessity. We are not gathering around university halls to hear a lengthy disputation over points of doctrine, nor can a theologian make a… Read more

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It has been four years since we put out volume 1 of Henry Eyster Jacobs’ book A Summary of the Christian Faith. The second half is finally here! Here is the product description: This volume is the magnum opus of Henry Eyster Jacobs’ theological career. This work is an extensive systematic theology aimed at providing the first theological textbook written in America for Lutheran students and pastors. In this work, Jacobs gives a broad yet accessible treatment of Christian theology…. Read more

This video gives a brief definition of the term theosis, as well as my proposal of Christification as a Lutheran form of theosis. Read more

On this program, I continued my critique of the so-called “Biblical Patriarchy” movement. I talked about the role of women in society, along with the necessity of women to–at times–correct men. This is a corrective to the overreaction of some Christian churches against feminism. Here is the program. Here is the blog post I cited on the program: What’s Wrong With Biblical Patriarchy Here is the document I have been examining: The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy   Read more

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