The Blue-Eyed Jesus

I first saw this over at JesusNeedsNewPR

I don’t know about you, but if my child started talking about seeing dead people, the living God, and a heaven full of GQ cutouts, I’d be getting that child to the nearest therapist. I’d be worried that this was the beginnings of mental illness but then I’m a crazy mom like that.

I imagine more business savvy people just see this as an opportunity to exploit children, and the blue-eyed Jesus for financial gain.

Quick. Somebody call the publisher; I am having visions of demons dressed in Armani working for the DOD.

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  • It must be real; it was on FOX News.

    “He can actually fit the entire world into his hands.” That’s pretty big. I mean, it’s not infinitely huge, but still. Pretty big.

    My God is pretty big.

  • Touchy subject for me. I can see the humor for sure. The dad telling the story makes me question what happened. However, truth is none of us REALLY know what Jesus looks like. He could appear as any nationality or race, who knows. As far as seeing dead people, I’ve been needing therapy, well more therapy, for a long time. It started when I was about six.

  • At first I thought this was the story of a child I heard interviewed on a Christian Radio station. After a little Googling, I discovered it’s actually a different child. Here’s a link to the second one …

    So, there you have two accounts from children, published by two different Christian publishers. Maybe I’m just too skeptical, but …