Trip with Tay

I won’t be at church in the morning. Instead I’ll be heading over the pass. My niece, Taylor, and I are going to a Brandon Heath concert at The Rialto in Tacoma. It’s a fund-raiser for Restore International. Bob Goff, the founder/CEO of Restore International sent me an invite to the concert.

I love Brandon Heath’s music.  Perhaps you’ve heard him?

I am particularly thrilled to be able to take Taylor to this event. Taylor is graduating from Central Washington University this term with her Masters in Teaching. She’s got such a heart for children and has already spent time in Haiti ministering.

Nothing thrills me like watching a young person minister.  

Every Sunday our pastor invites any who would to come forward and pray at the altar. I’ve been at plenty churches where such invitations are offered but sometimes no one steps forward. That’s not the case for the church I attend now. This church is full of praying people.

Last Sunday a father stepped out and knelt at the altar. It wasn’t long before a couple of other fellows joined him there. I’m not sure if they’re in high school or college. Not that it matters. God doesn’t judge our faith based upon our age, but upon our hearts.  Those young men joined that father there at the altar and ministered to him. They knelt alongside that father and prayed with him, hands of encouragement placed at his back.

I don’t know what God has in store for Taylor but I’m excited to watch her discover it. I hope it includes lots of road trips with her Auntie Karen.

Taylor and Tulip

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  • John in PDX

    Some of you flat landers may not know what a pass is. It’s where the Donners ate their young. Give Karen an extra thought this morning! She has to make it back for Christmas.
    Put the chains on !!!!!!