Upcoming Gigs

I’m going to be in the following cities soon. I’ll be swinging by other cities enroute, so I’ve specifically built in some visiting time that includes stops in Tennessee. Would you be in prayer as I prepare for these engagements?And if you are in the neighborhood, please join us:

Books Alive, Panama City Florida. Feb. 4/5th Chickens, Guns & Church Ladies: How books get their beginnings.

Christ United Methodist Church, Mobile, Alabama. Feb. 12. Stories of Laughter & Faith from a Grandmother & a Chicken.

-Topsail, North Carolina. March 5th. Moveable Feast Authors Luncheon. Quarter Moon Books. Seating is limited.

Navarre United Methodist Church Conference, Navarre, Florida. In Search of God’s Poetry: Finding Miracles in the Mundane. March 12/13.


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  • John in PDX

    One of the things that my recent years in Boy Scouts has taught me – don’t forget about the beautiful area around you.
    I will still pray for you but have you checked on Lucky lately? Seems to me if you are out with the 80% Chicken Ladies you should know where you friends are. Again, my sense of humor is warped. It has to do with 4/5ths.
    The Screen Door still beckons us in Portland. Are you coming for the Mauna Elliot this year? We are still racing in the rain right now but you need to make plans now for that race. The boat will probably go north for the summer.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Yes, The Screen Door in Portland. And I have checked on Lucky. And I will put it on my calendar — when is Mauna Elliot? Think we can get Victoria to join us?

  • John in PDX

    I would put Vic to work grinding. She is tough and has good cardio.
    Weds in June 1 – 22. As you know we are a team so I have to do the ground work now. Racing is not a picnic. Space has to be made. Your seat will be where it was the last time. It will be on Fury again.
    Mauni – sorry I spelled your name wrong. RIP
    I wasn’t joking about racing in the rain and snow.
    Were you going to keep us in suspense about Lucky? How long do chickens live? I got the kid that sits next to me to make this recipe this weekend:
    Edited by the writer. I will send this in a personal email. Again – some may not like my humor. But he really did make it.

  • Would love to go! I have a good friend in Navarre who’s in the Army. He goes back to live in Washington in a couple months.

  • Diane

    No stop in MN. again this time??? I guess I’m gonna have to speak to your agent….or plan a vacation around your appearances somewhere in the south.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Diane: All they have to do is invite me

  • Diane

    We’re supposed to have an actual temp. overnight low of
    -20* tonight. Maybe you could just swing by some lovely summer day and we’ll sit out on the porch and drink sweet tea. I’ll even make you a sammich and a piece of triple berry pie!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I would love such a visit!