Elizabeth Taylor: Tiara in the kitchen

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Edward Murrow interviews the new Miz Todd.

“I have a tiara just to do the dishes in,” she says.

Even in black-and-white, her beauty is luminescence.

Mike Todd would die within a year of this interview, when his overloaded plane — Lucky Liz — crashed. Todd’s birth name, Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen, revealed his heritage — both parents were Polish Jewish immigrants, his father a rabbi. Being a Jew would have certainly kept Todd out of Hollywood during that time. It’s troubling to consider the ways in which people have been forced to deny their own history in order to build a future for themselves.

People always make a big deal about the love between Taylor & Burton while overlooking the love between these two.

Asked about being a good actress, Taylor replied she thought it much more important to be a good woman.

And by all accounts, she managed to be both.

Makes me long for the days of white gloves, red roses, and tiaras in the kitchen.

The cigarettes I can live without, Murrow.

Do you have a favorite Taylor movie or moment?

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  • Suzanne

    My favorite movie with Liz has to be “Giant”…probably cause I’m a Texan, but mostly because its an excellent movie! Also loved “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

  • roseblackwell

    A Place in the Sun…tragic..Cat on a Hot tin Roof ….she was a star and she lived live…..