Community in all the good ways

If you haven’t been dropping by All the Church Ladies site, this is only part of what you are missing — Kooking with Konnie is on Saturday. On Sunday’s we have Scripture Stories from Sister Tater and throughout the week we have wonderful posts  like this one that Jeanne wrote on friendship, or the one Cathy wrote about worship or Renea on hope and Shelby on dressing for church.

This is the place where we talk about community in all the good ways.

Join these folks and if you want to contribute to the site, drop me a note.

And if you want Kooky Konnie’s recipe, head over to

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  • Debbie

    I must drop by again…the kids have been overtaking my laptop since the desktop died and I just don’t get enough mum time on lately…momma might have to set some time schedules I think!!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      You are hilarious. Send the kids to me. I’ll babysit!