The Tot Dad Remembers

Last Friday marked an important anniversary date for Karly.

David remembered that day in a special way. He and Liz paid Karly a special visit. They brought along these gorgeous flowers and Kylie, the princess dog, and a book.

Not just any book mind you.

This was a special book.

“Walter the Farting Dog.”

(Please, Kylie, take no offense. We know you would never do such a thing in public.)

“Walter the Farting Dog” is Karly’s favorite book that she never got to read.

That’s a quote from her daddy.

The book was purchased for her by a friend before she died, but David didn’t receive it until after Karly was murdered.

Still, David knows without a doubt that it would have been Karly’s favorite book because Karly loved Shriek, and everyone knows what a gas he is.

Books are a comforting thing. Usually parents read them with their children curled up next to them on the couch, in the bed, on a blanket in the park. But the only place David can sit with Karly now and read to her is at her graveside.

Last Friday was the first time that the anniversary of Karly’s death fell on the same day that her murder took place.

David, Liz and I are looking forward to sharing Karly’s own story with you very soon.

“A powerful and haunting story that details all the good that even well-intentioned people fail to do. Karen Spears Zacharias’ account of Karly’s life and death is all the more harrowing with the realization that there are probably dozens of Karlys in every city in our country, going through similar nightmares everyday. As the mother of two young children I found my heart breaking with the turning of each page, and yet I didn’t dare put the book down.”

—Rebekah Sanderlin journalist/editor

For more information about Karen Zacharias or about Karly’s story, please contact Alanna Ramirez/Trident Media/NYC.

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  • Wow, Karen. That picture! What a beautiful little girl she was.

  • Oh my. On my. No real words today.

    Blessing. (always blessings and love and prayers though)

  • Sharon O

    I cannot imagine, to have a murdered child, is one of the most heart breaking things a parent can have. tender story.

  • Samantha Clough

    Here is a hug for you from far away. I often think of you as you work to bring Karly’s story to the world. Thank you for your courage in doing this.

  • Some things defy description and belief. Like the local woman who with her bare hands strangled her 11-year-old daughter so that the girl “would not fall prey to pedophiles….”

  • Thank you for working on this story, thank you for remembering and bringing things to light. She was beautiful. And having to read a little girl’s book to her at her graveside? So wrong.

  • Glenn Murray & Walter the Farting Dog

    How tragic that this type of comfort should ever be needed in a world where caring families share their special little blossom of love together. As co-creator of Walter the Farting Dog, I have seen Walter and his antics bring laughter, comfort, and hope to children and families around the world. Perhaps surprisingly, this often includes readers of all ages battling serious illness, disability, and other challenges, inspired by Walter’s knack for making the best of a bad situation — let’s face it, some people need a laugh more than others. I often have mixed feelings during hospital readings, or when absorbing a message from a grateful Walter fan – a joyful warmth that Walter can lighten hearts in stressful situations, and yet a heaviness too: a sense of the weight that some people carry in their lives. Both Walter and I are glad to see Kylie in this picture. While we struggle for meaning and purpose in our lives, a dog is always right there in the moment, anxious to help. Look into those eyes and know that goodness and trust still exist in the world. Our hearts go out to David and Liz and Kylie.