How do you measure freedom?

This is how we celebrated freedom

We brought in the big guns

Wrapped ourselves in Camo gear

Mapped out the territory we needed to conquer

And assigned each enlistee a task

Some attached to the rear guard

Where they went about implementing their plan

Which included clearing away the brush

Searching for landmines

And making sure that all the tripwires were removed

Sometimes freedom is measured in heaps

Sometimes it’s measured by the shovel-load

And sometimes it’s measured in the stopping places

But perhaps the best freedom we’ll ever experience

Is when we come together

To serve somebody in need.

On Tuesday, as a media firestorm raged on, our care group waged a battle against the backyard (and front) jungle for a woman whose husband is deployed in Afghanistan. One of the troops did not take a break the entire day. From 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. this enlistee never once sat down, took a potty break, nothing. She worked tirelessly, happily, joyfully. She was the oldest among the troops. She is the woman in that last photo. And, if you can believe it, her hair still looked good when she was finished.

This is how our care group celebrated freedom this week.

How about you?

How will you celebrate it?

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  • That is awesome! Great idea!

  • I believe I’m going to join the Love Wins crowd in dowtown Raleigh NC on Monday and celebrate the Fourth with my friends, of whom are homeless.

  • Debbie

    That is a kingdom of community…awesome!

  • Lazlo Toth

    Ah, you’re one of THOSE people. Now I see why you had such an axe to grind against a harmlessly amusing book like “Go The F*ck To Sleep.” I was worried it was that slow of a news day and CNN was resorting to letting people stir up moral panics just for website hits. No, as it turns out, they’ve just given a podium to a prudish busybody, and as an American who believes in free speech, I’m fine with that. We need to allow our fools to speak freely and publicly so that their folly can be corrected.

    Listen, nobody died in the 1960s, and there was no mysterious spike in child abuse, when Shel Silverstein published “Uncle Shelby’s Book of ABZs” — a book that, like “Go the F*ck”, offended a lot of sensibilities, but that was okay because it was CLEARLY INTENDED FOR ADULTS, and adults are actually capable of telling reality from fantasy.

    *looks at your religious writings*

    Okay, some are.

    • Debbie

      And you are one of THOSE people! The kind that thinks only religious people should care about child abuse because you obviously don’t. Would you like to know how many children did die at the hands of their parents in the sixties while everyone else was fucking around laughing?