In Praise of Purple

Come see, she said. The lavender is in bloom.

How many personal invitations do we receive each day to behold a thing of beauty, but overlook in our rush to do life better?

Yes,  there’s work involved in creating such fragrant fields.

It’s an experiment in creation, this planting and harvesting of purple.

Oh, but all that work produces an oil that is the scent of newborns, freshly bathed.

Remember what Shug Avery said in that movie everybody loved when it first came out so long ago now?

It’s still true today.

I think it ticks God off when we walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.

So, today, I’m ever so thankful for fields of purple and friends who invite me to share in the beauty that surrounds them.

What thing of beauty are you thankful for?

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  • That is SO beautiful. Just the other day I was driving along the road I take into town and noticed the prettiest blue flowering weeds that were growing along the edge of the road. When I see things like this it amazes me how God’s beauty is sprinkled everywhere and where we least expect. A lot of people are like those flowering weeds, they pop up where you least expect. I’m thankful to have the ability to notice these things instead of seeing only the weeds. Of course there’s family, friends, love, grace and good health, too…

  • Purty. I love the contrast with the lavender fields and mustard (or maybe canola) fields.

    The kiddo and I went last year to one near Touchet and we picked bundles to bring home. What beauty God created for us, aye?


  • ian

    My favorite color. I get crap for it, but I am a proud purple lover.

  • Sam

    The canola fields in Germany in the spring are marvelously beautiful things to behold – never mind the hell they raise with allergies and turning every car yellow with the pollen. They are truly spectacular.

    How could anyone not notice lavendar in its many wonderful forms, whether in a cultivated field or a local garden?

    Flower boxes: geraniums, tumbling ivy, pansies (black and gold catch my attention because of a college sorority affiliation) and the ever-marvelous and multiple varieties of petunias.

    But a favorite? I’d have to go with fragrant flowers: old carnations (that haven’t had the fragrance bred out of them), roses and especially peonies.

    If God doesn’t look human, then He/She must look like a flower. (Don’t quote Bible to me – I know we are made “in God’s image,” so that likely doesn’t apply, but it’s my opinion.)

  • Purple violets are quite wonderful. Purple is a great color. I tend to like the deeper colors, however you describe them. But the older I get the more I like all sorts of beauty. Earth is so full of it!

  • Wow! Amazing photos!

    nice to meet you! Found you @ Ann V. blog!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations