Ranters without a cause

I love a good sit-in.

Or protest.

I’m a child of the 60s, after all. Sandwiched by age between the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War demonstrations, I was far too young and incapable of driving myself to Selma or Woodstock. So I’ve always retained a bit of marching envy for those who did that sort of thing.

After having written a bit of an expose on the Wall Street greed and how it infiltrates our daily lives, I have to tell you I’m more than tickled to see regular everyday people rise up and take to Wall Street with their neener-neener signs, and their pouty faces.

Seeing a rightly-intended demonstration carried out without violence makes me proud to be an American. This is what being an American means -this ability to speak truth to power. To stand on public streets and tell the world that you will not be bedfellows with corruption.

And let’s face it, Wall Street has been the dark heart of corruption as of late. They have taken our jobs and sent them overseas. They have taken our churches and turned them into brothels, where thousands of unsuspecting souls are being screwed daily by pimps for Jesus. They have cheated our school systems so that they could send their children to private schools. They have decimated our law enforcement budgets so they can live in gated communities, or high-rises with private security.

Need I go on?

So it thrills me to see people take to the streets from Spokane, Washington to St. Petersburg, Florida in protest. I want to give them a big ole Gretchen Wilson “Hell Yeah!!” redneck shout-out.

The only reason I don’t is because frankly such tactics against Wall Street is a bit like watching a toddler pitch a fit. Once the fit is over, the kid wipes her nose and goes back to whatever thing she was doing before she got all hissified.

Nothing changes.

The protests against Wall Street will fail primarily because they don’t know what they really want.

When people took to the streets over the Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights they didn’t just have a message against something, they had a vision for something — an end to the war and equal rights for all, regardless of skin color.

Occupy Wall Street, the haphazardly-organized group egging on the Wall Street protests, has not found its voice, yet. These folks know what they stand against, but they have no idea what they are taking a stand for.

It’s hardly headline news that greed is the primary motivator behind all things Wall Street.

If Occupy Wall Street wants their sit in to do something more productive than make the headlines, they have to come up with a constructive message, offer a plan to counteract the greed that has sickened our culture like bad water.

Otherwise, the folks occupying Wall Street across America are just a bunch of whiners on a rant.

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  • Debbie Derrick

    What they need to do is promote getting out and voting the turds out of office! Just saying.

  • They’re not helping their cause. Whatever that cause may be. I can’t figure that part out. I think many of them don’t know what they want, they just know what they don’t want.

  • Tarry

    I agree. But a wise person once told me that a movement needs all kinds. Pointy-headed intellectuals offering real solutions, kids in tie-dye singing bad songs, grandmas holding bake sales. Maybe I need to figure out how to do my part and let the kids be kids. They won’t appeal so much to my demographic, but if anything, they’ll make my side of the movement look like the calm voice of reason. We will, after all, continue to take our kids to soccer practice and get our hair done.

    Same person told me that’s how it worked for the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 60’s. Some people with bad hair did their thing, others did theirs. As long as they don’t go violent, I’ll let ’em be.

  • “They have taken our churches and turned them into brothels, where thousands of unsuspecting souls are being screwed daily by pimps for Jesus.” How did Wall Street do this? The thousands of people who go to these churches love them, they make that choice every week.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias


      I wrote a book about the greed that infiltrates our churches. You might want to read The Preacher chapter of Doublewide, or consider the research on folks like Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, David Cerullo or the many mentioned by Wall Watchers Ministry, which seeks to hold ministers and ministries accountable.


      A cursory google search of how unsuspecting souls are being bilked will provide more than ample evidence to show that many of our churches and our ministers have aligned themselves more with the values of Wall Street than the values of the Bible.


      • Tarry

        And sad or sadder is the way these prosperity preachers have spread their lies all over the third world.

  • John Haselton

    Finding the opposite of Greed isn’t that hard (especially if you own a copy of the Bible) While there are no magic verses in there to end greed in our lifetime. If you read the whole thing through I (for one Bible luvin) soul think the world might be a bit better off. Can I get an Amen!

  • Tim Smith

    Amen, John. One thing I have a problem with is I can’t simply reply Amen. I tried but I get an error message that my reply was too short. I’m sorry for all of these extra words. Let me say it again. Amen.