Tips for the Marathon Cheerleader

Tim and I are headed to Spokane this weekend. We are going to cheer on daughter Ashley as she runs the Spokane Marathon.

I’m not exactly sure how one cheers on someone in a marathon. Sister Konnie suggested I take along some cow bells.

But some runners might find the cow bell a little distracting, don’t you think?

Ashley has trained long and hard for this marathon. I don’t want to do anything that might distract her or throw her off course.

So if you have any more tips for how one goes about cheering on the marathon runner, please get them into me before Sunday morning.

Otherwise, I’ll most likely be cheering Ashley on from the cycle-pub.

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  • Bonnie Barr

    Hi Karen….cheer everyone on, clap, yell, cowbells anything..If you see names on tshirts call out the persons name. They all need ALL the encouragement they can get and they welcome it. You will receive lots of thank you’s as runners pass, and thumbs up. Have a great day. You will love being part of the marathon support crew…and you’ll meet a lot of interesting people!!!

  • Jan Rabe

    We are going to watch Jefferson run his first Marathon in a couple of weeks in Savannah…..please let me know how the cow bells are received and any other good tips you discover!!

  • Eleanor

    Having just finished my second half, I can tell you that it just really is amazing to have folks make noise of just about any sort. Encouraging signs held up are AWESOME, too — just make sure that whatever is on there is very big and very legible. Don’t go for style! Cowbells would not distract anybody I know.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Well, we did go and she did great. Until about mile 22, following what is known around the region as Doomsday Hill. She got up the hill but that caused her to hit a wall and she never recovered her times that she had been running… some 8 to 9 minute miles. Still, she finished and we were there, cheering her on. So proud whenever I see people choose the hard thing and prove to be strong. Thanks all!

    • Gloria

      Huge Kudos to Ashley and to you and Tim for being cheerleaders:) I personally love to ring cow bells at sports events. When my kids were playing football in High School everyone knew where I was sitting because the cow bell was always with me! It was a bit of a struggle for me during my first collenge football game because Division 3 outlaws noise makers of any kind! Kind of depressed me for a while!