J-Lo & George W. Bush Weirdness

I got nothing.

Nothing to add to the debate about Rep. Todd Akin and “legitimate rape” and sperm-killing vagina venom.

Only this — it rains on fools and kings alike. And when you are dealing with cancer, getting drenched in a thunderstorm seems like a welcome option.

But you remember how I have these prophetic dreams from time to time? I’ve written about them here on the blog and in those books of mine.

Usually the prophetic dreams aren’t good news. My dreams have prompted more than one friend to comment that they hope I never dream about them.

They are usually nightmares of some sort.

Sometimes they involve talking, like the night I told Tim I was going to go ahead and git in the truck and drive on home.

We don’t own a truck.

And I said it with such a southern accent that Tim tried to get me to repeat it .. in my sleep.. while he laughed his butt off.

He’s cruel like that.

This week I had two stark dreams. Both of them wildly funny, which is odd, given that my daily living lately has had very little element of fun to it.

The first dream happened at the beginning of this week. I dreamt I was working in my office when former President George W. Bush scooched by on the window-ledge like a window-washer, waving and smiling in that goofy way of his. He just waved and smiled and acted like hanging out on a window-ledge was a favorite past-time. Of course my office wasn’t the one I have here. It was a sky-rise in New York City.

Which brings me to the next dream.

I was getting ready for a big red-carpet shindig. All I can think is that one of my books must have finally been made into a movie. Why else would I be attending a red-carpet affair?

Anyway, people kept bringing me all these outfits to wear and I didn’t like a single one of them. I hated them all. Until J-Lo showed up with this gorgeous white chiffon gown with gold trim and crystal beading around the neckline. J-Lo herself was helping me get ready for the big event.

Needless to say I was not at all happy when Konnie’s morning phone call woke me from that.

I was thrust back to a reality that included walking the dogs and cleaning up big Poppy poop.

Just for once I wish I could dream a prophetic dream where something good really does come true.

You ever have that happen to you?





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  • Nicole

    Yes ma’am! I dreamt something so detailed and didn’t think too much of it until about a month later I saw that very same dream happening in real time. Kinda caught me off guard. I thanked God repeatedly, it was the neatest feeling knowing God had taken the time to show me what was going to happen. It was an honor!

  • loretta

    The ones that come true are not the ones I would wish for, either. But do you remember the big pressure-release valve on the old-timey pressure cookers? That’s what your dreams are…the pop-off valve…..and you probably needed it desperately.

    • Boy do I remember those pressure cookers… they were so dangerous. I never did learn to use one, did you?

  • Dee

    dreams…thankfully I can forget them when I wake up…they are usually wacko.
    Karen…we’ve never met…but I just want you to know I think your amazing woman of God and I luv ya! Virtual hugs to you