The Shoe on the Other Foot

What if

– Obama was overheard saying: “If my dad had been born white, I’d have a better chance of winning this.”

– Obama was overheard saying: “There are 47% who are with Mr. Romney, who are dependent upon trust funds, who believe that they are better than others, who believe the government has a responsibility to make exceptions for them, who believe that they are entitled to the best of health care, fine dining, and to palatial homes, to you-name-it.”


– Obama was overheard saying: “The Israelis have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace.”

– Obama was overheard saying: “47 percent of American corporations pay no tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect.”

– Obama was overheard saying: “I am sure I could have stated it more elegantly than I did, if only I had known I was being secretly taped.”




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  • He probably wouldn’t be getting the kind of bad press that Romney is getting now.

    • Perhaps not but Romney hasn’t done himself any favors. Too bad these are the only two viable choices, heh?

      • James Williams


  • Karen, Obama didn’t say any of those things. Well, he kinda did say the second thing in your list, and that is part of typical his class warfare way of speaking. But our President has said some things which are just as classless as anything Romney said in that video clip:
    1. Stereotyping conservatives as those who “cling to guns and religion.”
    2. Referring to his bad bowling score as qualifying him for the Special Olympics.
    3. Telling Joe the Plumber that his goal is to “spread the wealth around.”
    4. “You didn’t build that.”
    5. “I’ve been in 57 states–one left to go.”

    • Josh T.

      As for number 4, you might want to visit the fact-checkers:

      For a while I had been avoiding politics at all, but since the conventions I figured I should start paying attention to fact checkers, and the “You didn’t build that” quote is one that I looked into.

      • James Williams

        Josh, the day that comment generated publicity, I went sought and listened to the comment in context in the clip of his speech on a news website. While I generally like Fact Checkers, I think they got this wrong. In the speech, Mr Obama’s saying what he always says: you cannot accomplish things without the government. And it’s that mindset that I have a problem with.

        • James Williams

          Wow. Some bad wording up above. I meant that Fact Checkers got the words of the speech right, but then arrived at the wrong conclusion.

  • AFRoger

    Mr. Romney first attempted to step away from his comments not only by saying that they were inelegantly stated but that they were “off the cuff”. Which makes me wish that all candidates’ speech were off the cuff rather than the brainwashed slogans and talking points coming from politcal handlers, pollsters, focus group organizers and speechwriters. Honestly, does anyone think that what is said in state-of-the union addresses is genuine and honestly reflective of a beating heart and a thinking brain, a human soul?
    I did find myself reacting very strongly to the use of the word “entitlement”, however. When a nation can engage in over a decade of war without a draft, universal national service (military or otherwise), no war bonds or tax increases to finance it, stiff our children and generations to come with the bill and have the entire burden of sacrifice borne by 1% of our families, haven’t we all gone off the deep end with entitlement? We’re entitled to the achievements of war without any of the costs???
    Last week, in response to the attack on the embassy in Lybia and the strife in Egypt, Mr. Romney laid out his three points for foreign policy. The third point was “resolve in our might” which was further defined by five criteria, the first of which was the use of overhwelming force. After more than a decade of war during which not one of Mr. Romney’s five healthy sons volunteered to serve one day contributing to that might or to that overwhelming force, this coming from a man who had his own opportunity to serve during a time of war–and didn’t, I’m tempted to ask, “Who has the sense of entitlement here, sir?”
    There’s another word for that, but the first letter is not “e”. It’s “h”.
    I commend anyone concerned about more than just this kerfuffle to ponder the work and the message of historian Andrew Bacevich about how the world has changed and how abolutely impossible another American century really is–due in large measure to what the past 10-12 years of war and our precarious financial state have produced. Bacevich himself saw combat in Vietnam. He sacrificed a son in Iraq. No entitlement or hypocrisy in his message. Just a lot of sobering honesty. Off the cuff is really from the heart.

    • Five sons and not a one of them volunteered for any military duty. Likely because they had other more lucrative offers to pursue, heh? And yes, resolve our might is a troubling intention. Not that Obama has necessarily done a stellar job of extricating us from war zones. Iraq and Afghanistan are both going to bite us in the butt, and let’s not forget how we got there– thank you, Prez Bush.

      • AFRoger

        Uh, don’t you mean President Cheney?