Living The End

I’m all about endings. You might say as a writer, I live for The End. I do that as a woman of faith, too — Live for the End. But I don’t live for The End in any negative sense. I’m not one of those pie-in-the-sky gals. If I want pie, I have me some, though [Read More…]

Bootleg Hair

As it turns out, Delilah may have been onto something when she demanded the servant shave Samson’s hair clean off. And Chris Rock should have listened when that gal told him: Don’ t nobody want any nappy hair no more. What they want is Remy hair from India.  That’s the best kind of hair for [Read More…]

I am Jesus, so says the Aussie Man

WOW!!! What a week! It’s only Tuesday and in one week’s time we have the Second Coming and the Rapture. Oh. Wait. Don’t those two always go together? What I love best about it is that Jesus talks with an Aussie accent and he’s movie star handsome! I bet all those atheists are SORRY now! [Read More…]