Lessons from Survivors

“We may be a global village, but instant communication often isolates us from each other, rather than uniting us.”  L’Engle Tim and I have been texting each other all morning. He’s at home. I’m in Bend. The text go like this: Him:  Clean sweep. Our next boy will be named Boston Rob. Me: Natalie is [Read More…]

The Yankee Man's Dixie

Editor’s Note: When I went out for my drive earlier this week, I passed through a little town called Dixie. Years ago when I was a reporter, I spent a day in Dixie with some lovely folks. I pulled that story to share with you today. This is a mosey kind of story, so if [Read More…]

No Tithing, No tax Refund, No Communion

Barna reports that tithing is down… again… Consistent with this trend, the Barna study revealed that the number of people who are tithing has also dropped. The practice of tithing – donating at least 10% of one’s income to churches or other charities – has been relatively stable over the past decade, hovering between 5% [Read More…]