The Hope Within

You’d never know it by looking at my hands roots of blue veins trailing but dreams flutter here hummingbirds hovering over these keys. Dare I tell you? I saw him staring the shaven-head solider still a boy in his mother’s eyes Mine, too. The leg crunches hardening belly into aluminum washboard– that Aunt Cil used [Read More…]

Beyond Redemption: When God Reconsiders

My mama spent the better part of her adult life behind bars. It’s a disturbing thing to say but true nonetheless. Fact is a goodly number of my people have spent time behind bars.  Recently my son Stephan came across this old newspaper clipping about Mama’s brother being arrested in Richland, Washington. A poetic [Read More…]

Empathy: The rope that binds us

Nathan and Elisa Bond have cancer. His cancer — stage 3 colorectal- was diagnosed in February. Hers — metastatic breast cancer — only days later. Elisa’s cancer is considered incurable. Nathan has about a 60 percent chance of recovery. If all that wasn’t tragic enough, the young couple have an 18-month-old daughter, Sadie. Perhaps you [Read More…]