God loves us like a toddler does

  I awoke with a start early. Just popped up eyes wide open. I used to do that more when I was the mother of young kids. Not so much anymore. Usually these days I wake like a panhandler in need of drink, foggy-headed and aching. It might have been the temperature. Too warm despite [Read More…]

About Emily Letts & that Abortion Video

    Writing about the pros and cons of abortion always makes me feel like a hypocrite. How can I possible advise others when I know how wrenching and personal such a decision can be? On one hand I don’t feel the least bit qualified to offer up thoughts about abortion. And on the other [Read More…]

Holy & Mesmerizing Fiction

      The kindly looking fellow in the light blue shirt pulled me aside moments before my presentation at the library. Your book has made me do a lot of thinking, he said. Oh? I replied. Yes. About mental illness. My mother took  her life. My brother is a schizophrenic. He pulled out a [Read More…]