Answering a Call

This is a time for choosing. Are we really who we say we are? Will we fight for the right to be?

A man from West Virginia writes in response to a recent syndicated column I wrote:

You … point directly the real issue, which is a political elite who have established themselves as moral judge, jury, and executioner.  I am appalled at the attack on those that stand by their conscience and belief.  I am appalled that if one chooses not to tow the politically correct line they are labeled as knuckle dragging boobs or religious fanatics. Actually, I am just plain sick and tired of it.

One point that I think is very important is that those who belittle those of conscience, those who choose to live by their religious views is that they more often than not are the one’s standing for the rights and liberties of others.  I personally am very much a Christian, however, I don’t seek to use the force of law to shove my beliefs down anyone else’s throat.  If one has to use the force of the government to advance their views, then their views certainly must not be worthy consideration.

I appreciate your “call to arms” so to speak.  The only way that the mess we find ourselves in is for each and every person who love liberty to stand up and first rededicate themselves to preserving and cherishing liberty, using the power of debate to point out the fallacies of the direction this nation is headed, and to remove those in office who refuse to change.

This is not a partisan fight, it is a fight about religious freedom, as has been said, but integrity. Are we who we say we are? Do we value the freedom to be?

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