His Practice Is Love

Speaking of the topic of love. This is what Dr. John Bruchalski, founder of Divine Mercy Care is trying to bring back to medicine. Treating patients with dignity. Listening to him speak to mostly pro-choice medical students last week, I could only think of him as a walking, practicing Evangelium Vitae. His practice is love and he is building a culture of life. And not just at his practice but engaging the broader medical community, presenting medical students with a compelling message about consistency in care, challenging them to free their practice of medicine from the politics that has dehumanized patients. That has poisoned the doctor-patient relationship. That has stymied research.

Here is my write-up after watching him in the classroom. This is love and this is what can revolutionize our culture. It also helps makes this whole conscience debate we are having a little more concrete, a little more of a fuller picture.

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