Religious Liberty Is a Winning Issue

The president may be losing Catholics, according to a new Pew poll.

“Free” birth control isn’t exactly a rallying cry for registered voters, the poll also suggests.

Here, not for the first time polling suggests to those inclined to oppose the president’s HHS mandate and administrative hostility to religious liberty: Have courage.

And, as it happens, doing the right thing may even have political benefit. Practically speaking, sometimes that does help in Washington …

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  • eric lowenstein

    What’s with the silence regarding the condemnation of the GOP Budget Plan on moral grounds by the US Conference of Bishops? Does your loyalty to the Catholic Church come second to your loyalty to the Republican Party?

    • Robert

      Fine. Please suggest to the President to rescind his decree aiming essentially to TAX my church sneakily via a “mandate” as to how my post-tax, charitable Mass contribution MUST be spent – a “free exercise” encroachment if there ever was one. Once we’re then returned to where we’d been for 220 years, we can all go back to bickering as always regarding the activities of this State in its proper realm as spelled out in the Constitution – meaning including the likes of taxes and budget priorities. How ’bout it?

      • eric lowenstein

        You might want to read up on the differences between a church and a hospital someday. Love your use of CAPS and quotes though…very effective at showing that you’re just a wee bit unhinged.

  • BobH

    Practically speaking he stands to lose those who cherish religious liberty while only retaining those who would have voted for him anyway.

  • Grdankl

    Chuck Colson and a few other prominent ethicists of Catholic, Evangelical and Orthodox Christian persuasions drafted a document called the Manhattan Declaration. The tenets of it are 1) Sancity of life, 2) sanctity of marriage as a lifetime commitment of one man and one woman, 3) freedom of religion. Briefly it states that we will unhesitatingly give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but will in no way EVER give to Caesar what is God’s. It also declares that we are willing to face anything that comes before we will deny our convictions and commitment to the Lord. I encourage any and everyone who reads this to go to the website and sign this great petition. It currently has over 500,000 signatures. The more signatories there are, the harder it will be for the State to govern against us.