Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Activist for Religious Liberty

for religious freedom. Some encouragement to get out and educate from the executive director of Conscience Cause, Christen Varley:

LOPEZ: How did we get this far? Where the federal government mandates such things?

VARLEY: Honestly, we allowed it to happen. We’re human — we take for granted what we have until it’s gone. There has been a lot of handwringing over how far we’ve fallen so fast. It is time, however, to stop wondering how and start working to reverse it. This is why we created Conscience Cause and why we created the guides for this election. Voters are paying attention like never before to the liberties the government is infringing upon and they are looking for new political (and religious) leaders who will defend us from a government that governs contrary to the Constitution.

LOPEZ: Do people appreciate what’s going on?

VARLEY: More and more every day. For all the accusations that this is another astroturf movement, the grassroots efforts I am seeing and hearing about across the country are remarkable. This may be bigger than the Tea Party! Meetings are being held and people are handing out fliers at church services. Religious-freedom groups are forming in individual parishes. State networks are popping up. Americans take their faith very seriously — we know how lucky we are to be able to live and express and practice our faith out in the open. We know how effectively and efficiently our faith-based institutions and charities serve our communities. We are well aware of the loss we face if they are forced to close.

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