Conscience Calls: Being Catholic Voters

Conscience Calls: Being Catholic Voters November 5, 2012

One of the voter guides of this election cycle comes from the Catholic Hispanic Leadership Alliance. It’s voter guide focuses on applying Catholic social teaching to the issues that lift up — or destroy — human life and dignity. The Alliance is unambiguous about the priority of protecting the most innocent human life (see Archbishop Lori, Archbishop Chaput … ), but challenging on other issues as well. Their guidance, lead by the teachings of the Church, is important for anyone still discerning what to do tomorrow, but also essential in the longer-term campaign of informing conscience. Conscience isn’t something we make up as we feel, but the fruit of education, prayer, even struggle, as Robert Aguirre of the Catholic Hispanic Leadership Alliance captures in our interview, here.

Aguirre also leads the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, which has endorsed the death-penalty repeal on the California ballot.

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