Cardinal Dolan, Andrew Cuomo and Our Limited Attention Spans

Cardinal Dolan has been talking about the evil of abortion for some time — offering the arms of the Catholic Church in support and healing. The Church position on abortion is clear. He has said that when he talks to the governor of New York he talks to him about these things. All the media wants is for Cardinal Dolan to say: Andrew Cuomo is a bad Catholic. Don’t expect that quote. That’s not his style.

He will teach. He will preach. He will welcome. He will ask you to embrace Church teaching and return to the sacraments.

Transparently, he seeks to bring people to Christ. As his vocation would suggest he do, that mandates he does. (In each of our vocations, if we are Christians, this is at the heart of our call: That we encounter and bring others to encounter Christ as they are drawn in by the love of our encounter with Him!)

And to ask in public and private: Why impose a culture of death on a people naturally inclined to life?

It’s worth listening to our shepherds in full, not just the headlines, but the substance. Here is a little Dolan and Archbishop Chaput from recent days.

When it is rooted in the Gospel, prayer, and the sacramental life, it is rich.

It’s also worth pondering how each one of us can rebuild the culture by living our lives truly living the Christianity we profess. We can’t be part-time Christians, Pope Francis said this week. But so often we are, aren’t we? We need to be for real. The world needs us to be for real.

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