Party Hearty, Michiganders: It’s SOCIAL MEDIA DAY!

Party Hearty, Michiganders: It’s SOCIAL MEDIA DAY! June 29, 2012

Hurray, Facebook!  Let’s hear it for Twitter!  C’mon, YouTube!

If you’re in Michigan, as I am—and if you’re reading this post on-line, as you are—then let’s hear it for Social Media Day!!

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, whose Twitter handle is @onetoughnerd, signed the proclamation on June 27, bringing to three the number of states which officially celebrate Social Media Day on June 30. 

And my home state of Michigan is no slouch, media-wise!  Boasting 137 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Michigan also has the second-largest Facebook presence of any tourism agency.  Its political Twitter account, @MIgov, has the third-largest following of any state government. 

And that’s not all:  Governor Snyder and other state officials frequently hold virtual town hall meetings.  The media website Mashable reports that online viewers can submit their questions via Twitter using hashtags such as #AskGovSnyder, #MIBudget and #MIJobs.

The virtual party will be tomorrow.  Michigan’s social media specialist, Nikki Sunstrum, explains, “As a state government, we really couldn’t hold a statewide party.”

Governor Snyder hopes that Michigan’s citizens will learn more about the benefits of social media, and will visit the state of Michigan social media website.

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