• Michael

    On my father’s side, my great grandfather was president of the Iron Workers union in St Louis. His funeral was the largest St louis had ever seen up until that time. On my mother’s side, my grand father, to whom I was very close, was picketed by unions because he wouldn’t unionize his FAMILY grocery store. Only his brother, his wife, my aunt and uncles and me many years much ever worked in that store. The picketing ceased when my mother, a teenager then, organized a counter picketing of the unoins. They never forgave him and boycotted him ’til the day he died. I was roughed up pretty good when I worked in the steel mill in 1968. My crime was I was working to hard. There only as good as their members. So many seem so corupt.

  • Woody

    As the saying goes, power corrupts.

  • Thomas R

    You know I sometimes struggle with how pro-union the faith seems but this I think I can really get behind. I think maybe what I’ve disliked in unions I’ve seen is the “group or class ‘egoism’”. Unions that aren’t overly coercive or egotistical I could see getting behind.

  • bill bannon

    Fifty percent of union people from private industry voted for Walker in this latest vote. The special problem is government workers because they don’t have to make a profit since the source of their income is taxes….and you must pay those taxes or go to jail. If you do not financially support your local Macy’s, it must close. If you do not support your local schools, you’ll be in a prison cell. The unionized Macy’s workers must give way to reality; teachers need not….if their product is not supported by you, you are jailed. The result is that an elderly waitress in a diner who has no pension is losing part of her pay check in taxes to a teacher receiving a pension that exceeds the yearly income of the waitress. An old worker in Home Depot is being
    taxed in property taxes to pay for similar pensions in the government sector as he continues to work to
    supplement his social security. We need a Pope to write about this sector of low paid working elderly who must help pay for retired comfortable teachers while they themselves must work forever and do not have the great domestic help that every Pope has….like info selling butlers. At least Popes have a butler….and two cooks and a medical/ dental room.

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  • burchgsb15

    In all due respect, if I hear the “union thugs” reference one more time I may vomit in mouth. If you think the corporations didn’t have thugs doing the same thing you are mistaken. Both sides were guilty of violence. A good example is the Battle of Blair Mountain…highly recommend the book!
    “It is characteristic of work that it first and foremost unites people.” The irony is the blogger seems to attempt to divide rather than unite by just presenting the negative opinions/facts of one side. Another example: she stated the amount of money labor unions poured into the recall but failed to mention the hundreds of millions from outside groups and corporations .
    As a union member and a catholic (not necessarily in that order) there are many things that I do not agree with but all I ask is from those who do not agree with the union is to be fair and do not demonize all or overgeneralize.

  • Bob M

    Unions still have a valuable role to play in our economy, but I believe Governor Walker was right to do what he was elected to do. Public sector unions cannot be in a position where they hold the taxpayers hostage.