Ross Douthat Runs Over Bill Maher With Logic and Grace

Conservative American author, blogger and New York Times columnist Ross Douthat makes the case for faith in this interview with name-calling atheist Bill Maher. 

Note the difference:  Douthat remains steady, courteous, and on-point against Maher’s onslaught of insults toward religion.

  • Mary

    Thanks for sharing this. I am a big fan of Ross Douthat and am glad he had a chance to make his case. Bill Maher was doing his usual Bill Maher thing, but at least he let Douthat talk, which is more than a lot of talking heads normally do.

  • Bill

    Mahar didn’t introduce his guest in the clip, and without a TV I have not heard the NYT columnist before. 

    Is it pronounced like Ross Dontdothat? 

  • Qualis Rex

    I have to admit that I (am forced to) watch Bill Maher from time to time given there is only 1 TV in my house. And I did watch this episode. I usually cringe when he begins a sentence with “you’re all Catholic, right?” Because usually the guest is only nominally Catholic and using the forum to bash Catholicism for anything from global warming to Bill’s own teen-acne and hairloss (but the plugs look just great, Bill…honestly. So, it was very refreshing to hear someone actually and legitimately defend Catholicism on his own terms, even with a very hostile host pandering for cheap laughs.

  • Bill

    Thank you. (Seeing it again now I suppose it might even have been “Doubt it!”)

  • Jared

    Maher asserts that the Bible claims to be 100% literally true. Um…where does it say that?

  • Jeff

    Everyone uses The Bible for the same purpose, to pick out verses that already are akin to what they believe. Do as you will. But when you belief that It provides a basis for supernatural beliefs, that’s where we have a problem. Thus the crux, people care about the supernatural and the afterlife, the rest is BS they cling to hoping that since the golden rule is good and “true”, Jesus must still be alive… -.-

  • adia3214

    I hope you are not saying the supernatural and the afterlife don’t exist? I bet you are no where near clairvoyant stature. Hell, I’m willing to bet you think all psychic and supernatural stuff are B.S. While some are con artists, there are a few that are legit.

    I have taken pictures where I get blue orbs on the camera, and tested EACH settings to see if it’s not B.S. I have seen blue orbs as a child with my own eyes.

    I don’t care if people as intelligent as Steven Hawkins said that there is no afterlife, you know why? Because all he has been was at Death’s door, Death didn’t let him in the house yet, therefore any claims of the afterlife, I believe should be left in the neutral position based on one’s views.

    My position: I share a neutral position, upholding what I believe and debating with what I have seen and know.