Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer at the Republican National Convention

Cardinal Dolan 2

Following is the closing benediction which was offered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the RNC last night.  With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, let us pray:Almighty God, father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, we beg your continued blessings on this sanctuary of freedom, and on all of those who proudly call America home. We ask your benediction upon those yet to be born, and on those who are about to see you at the end of this life. Bless those families whose … [Read more...]

A Celebration of Unity: Our Lady of Walsingham’s Beautiful Window

OL of Walsingham - window

Isn't this beautiful?  This is the window in the offices of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.On January 15, 2011, in accordance with the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum coetibus of Pope Benedict XVI, the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was established for groups of former Anglicans in England and Wales.  The personal ordinariate is organized in such a way that "corporate reunion" with the Catholic Church is possible, while also preserving distinctive A … [Read more...]

Catholic Marketing Network Showcases the Best in Religious Art, Reading, and More

Rock Visions

Books and Bibles, rosaries and rock carvings, window clings and children’s things.This week, it’s my great privilege to attend the 16th Annual Catholic Marketing Network trade show.  Concurrent with the trade show, the Catholic Writers Guild LIVE! and the Catholic New Media Conference are featuring some of the most compelling speakers in the Catholic world. So the hotel and the hallways are filled with friends:  Catholic authors, booksellers and businessmen, priests in Roman collars and h … [Read more...]