A Good Idea Morphs Into “Skinhead Barbie”?

A few days ago, I posted an article about L’Osservatore Romano’s expressed support for “Bald Barbie.”  In a weekend column, the Vatican newspaper had encouraged Mattel to consider selling the hairless doll in stores, for the benefit of children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or illness.

A reader sent me this link from the Orlando-Sentinel:

KISSIMMEE – A “skinhead” Barbie doll, a knotted noose and AK-47s were seized in this month’s raid of a compound in eastern Osceola County where a white supremacy group prepared for a race war, court records obtained Wednesday show.

…Other items included a silencer, a night-vision telescopic sight for a rifle, a sniper’s camouflage suit, a sniper handbook, bullet-proof vests and black face masks, records show.

I am confused: 

  • Did the white supremacy group steal, then repurpose “Beautiful and Bald Barbie” from a local hospital’s children’s ward, disguising her in Army fatigues? 
  • Did they shave the head of a sexy fashion model Barbie?
  • Did the  Osceola County Sheriff’s Office misunderstand their find and mistakenly retitle a sick child’s “Bald Barbie” doll?

It remains a mystery.


  • http://Www.beautifulandbald.com Jane

    The “skinhead” Barbie they found is not the one Mattel is making for sick children. Mattel has not even released a prototype or an image of that Barbie yet. It may have been a True Hope doll that MGA produces and sells at ToysRUs is response to the Bald Barbie campaign. The True Hope dolls are for women, men and children living with hair loss, certainly not meant to be a “skinhead” racist doll. A portion of proceeds from the sale of True Hope dolls goes to a childhood cancer research hospital/foundation. If they have taken these dolls and turned them into something so disgusting and offensive as to represent hate and racism it would be very heartbreaking to me.