Cleveland Woman Issues Call for Vatican III

Regina Brett is a New York Times best-selling author.  She is host of “The Regina Brett Show” on WKSU 89.7 FM in Cleveland.  She is a columnist for the Cleveland  Plain Dealer.

But lest you or she forget, let me point out one inconvenient fact:  She is not God.

Apparently, though, her local fame has gone to her head and has led her to believe that she may, in fact, have something to teach the Almighty.  Because this week Regina Brett, speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit, has called for a Third Vatican Council.

In a column posted October 10, 2012, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the self-described “cafeteria Catholic” calls on the Pope and the U.S. Bishops to listen to her, in order to find out what else God might want to do with us and with this church.

She quotes the billboard “God is still speaking,” but then laments that the billboard is sponsored, not by the Catholic Church, but by the United Church of Christ.  Yes, she admits, God is still speaking—but in an outburst of hubris, Brett wonders whether anyone in Rome is listening.

She cites the liberals’ familiar litany of complaints against the Church:  homosexuals are not allowed to marry the person they love; the “men in Rome” refuse to ordain women; we can’t use birth control; the “papal posse” is going after nuns to investigate their “legacy of service”….

As we begin the Year of Faith, Regina Brett believes that we should look ahead, not back.  She writes:

Instead of renewing our faith by returning to the fundamentals of church teachings, why not open our minds to a new church? It’s been 50 years since Vatican II renewed the church and helped it face the modern world. The world has only gotten more modern. The Catholic Church hasn’t.

Vatican II is an antique. It’s time to grow. The difference between a rut and grave is there’s a bit more space to move around. That space is closing in on this church, and fast. It is losing priests and members and buildings. It’s time for a real renewal.

I’m sorry, Ms. Brett, but my prayer is that you and your “nominal, Christmas and Easter Catholic” friends will, during this Year of Faith, listen to our God-appointed leaders, and will open your hearts and minds to the wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

From Brett’s kinder, gentler church of Vatican III—free of dusty old rules, welcoming of women to the priesthood, embracing the “spirit of the times” (whatever that means)—preserve us, O Lord.

  • David J. White

    Regina Brett (whose column I used to read in the Akron paper when she wrote for them) should be careful what she wishes for. Given the increasing conservatism/traditionalism of many younger clergy and faithful, if a “Vatican III” were convened, it could very well end up not only *reaffirming* many of the doctrines that so bother cafeteria Catholics like Regina Brett, but it might end up rolling back some of the wacky things that happened in the wake of Vatican II (such as really cracking down on assorted liturgical nonsense).

  • Bob Riler

    The hierarchy is still stuck on Vatican II. Some in the Vatican club elite are working feverously to reconstruct history and maintain a past that neither serves the Good News nor the People of God. Many would like a Vatican III to happen in the spirit of the 21st century. It would not be a gathering of guys wearing dresses and pointy hats. It would be a convocation of women and men, single, married and divorced, gay and straight, young and old, rich and especially poor, poets and reamers, of all colors from every corner of the earth, ecumenical through and through. But perhaps Vatican III is already happening in new and marvelous ways. The institution cannot see it and has no interest in seeing it (Mark 8). The rich and powerful have no interest in giving up what is “rightfully” theirs. Those on the fringes see Vatican III every day. That’s where the Spirit writes on open hears every day. Creation (Genesis) is not over; Prophets (Isaiah, Exekiel, Amos, Jeremiah, etc.) are still challening; Jesus (the Gospels) continues to speak; the Word grows daily. Take a city bus and you will see. Walk on skid road. It’s happening. The Spirit is working us over and making Vatican III real.

    • Kathy Schiffer

      Mr. Riler: Your vision of a convocation of women and men, single married and divorced, gay and straight…. Well, that already exists. That IS the Catholic Church. All of those groups are welcome.

      If you mean, though, that all of their groups must bring with them their sins, if you mean that the Church must change and adapt in order to let the populace (and not God) set the rules, then you have set yourself outside the Catholic Church about which you speak. But then, that is true, isn’t it? I know that you are a rent-a-priest who has turned his back on the consistent teaching of Christ through His apostles and their successors.

      God bless.

      • Bernard

        Amen Kathy

    • Lar

      “poets and reamers”…I don’t even want to know what that means.

      • MARY ANN

        Sounds scary to me!

  • Michelle

    If she wants to belong to a church like that…I believe the Episcopal church “ordains” women, and allows contraception…in fact…very many protestant denominations already allow what she wants. But none will lead her to the truth she deep down seeks…and she knows that.