(Hee-hee…) Colbert Reviews History Channel’s “The Bible”

Well, okey-dokey…. A “beefy Jesus”?

Stephen Colbert makes fun of the History Channel’s new miniseries, “The Bible” by Mark Burnett (Survivor) and his wife Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel).  Colbert’s humor is, as we’ve come to expect, cheeky and irreligious; but you’ve gotta admit, he’s a pretty funny guy.


  • http://aftertheecstasythelaundry.wordpress.com Cynthia Schrage

    He’s cheeky and irreverent, but he’s a better Catholic than a lot of people these days. Bully for him!

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    This Hollywood Jesus was as bad as all the rest of the effeminate looking unGospel like Jesuses put on film over the years. My wife couldn’t stand him so much she went into the other room to read a book. What kind of man moodily caresses another man’s cheek as he soulfully and breathily speaks to him? At times we thought History-Jesus was going to weep his lines. This truncated, simpering Jesus is what happens when Gospel passages like the powerful” Woes” to you rich, etc.are left out. Or Christs’s words that he came to bring, not peace, but the sword. And there are lot of other strong words of Jesus that Hollywood habitually puts in the paper shredder that make one wonder how Jesus ever appealed to a bunch of sturdy fishermen. like Peter.