Planned Parenthood’s “After-Birth Abortion” Advocate Has Ties to Children’s Centers


In 1990, cultural analyst George Barna penned a book titled The Frog in the Kettle.  It was a parable about churches and how they have capitulated to the culture; but the title metaphor is about how to boil a frog.  If you drop a live frog into a kettle of boiling water, Barna explains, he’ll quickly hop out.  Instead, you drop him into a pot of cold water, where he’ll be perfectly comfortable.  When you light a fire under the pot, the water will gradually warm; and the little frog will enjoy the … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Encountering Christ in Prison

Jesus imprisoned

In a departure from tradition which has drawn both acclaim and criticism, Pope Francis celebrated the  Holy Thursday Mass not at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, as was expected, but at a Roman juvenile prison, Casal del Marmo—where he washed the feet of twelve detainees including two girls and two Muslims.It was not as the world expected; but then, Francis has daily shown himself to be a pope of surprises.  In his humble liturgy, he reminded us that we encounter Christ in the imprisoned, an … [Read more...]

It’s Good Friday—Time to Roll Out Obscure Gnostic Propaganda

Mary Magdalene Praying, a 19th century painting by Ary Scheffer

No surprise here:  The BBC has chosen the noon hour on Christianity’s most reverent of days, Good Friday, to air a documentary suggesting that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.In the program, author and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg relies on accounts from the Gnostic Gospel of Mary, in which Jesus kisses his friend and disciple Mary Magdalene on the mouth and may, in fact, have taken her as his wife.   Bragg, who calls himself a Christian, believes that Jesus’ intimate relati … [Read more...]