Margaret Thatcher’s Heartwarming Letter to a 9-Year-Old Boy

“However good we try to be, we can never be as kind, gentle and wise as Jesus. There will be times when we do or say something we wish we hadn’t done and we shall be sorry and try not to do it again.  We do our best but our best is not as good as his daily life.  “If you and I were to paint a picture, it wouldn’t be as good as the picture of great artists. So our lives can’t be as good as the life of Jesus.”


David Liddelow today, and as a nine-year-old letter writer in 1980

That’s the message British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sent in response to a question from an earnest little boy in April 1980.  David Liddelow was only nine years old when he wrote to the Iron Lady,

“Last night when we were saying prayers, my daddy said everyone has done wrong things except Jesus.  I said I don’t think you have done bad things because you are the Prime Minister.  Am I right or is my daddy?”

Thatcher responded honestly, admitting that she shared the weakness of all mankind:

“As Prime Minister I try very hard to do things right; and because Jesus gave us a perfect example, I try even harder.  But your father is right in saying that we can never be perfect as he was.”

The Right Reverend Richard Chartres, preaching the homily during Mrs. Thatcher’s April 17 funeral in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, read that letter as an example of her ability to reach out to the young and to those not always deemed “important”.

But the letter says more about her faith, according to WorldNetDaily:

But it also gives a glimpse of her personal religious faith, grounded in the Methodism of her parents.

She spoke of constantly striving to live up to an ideal and “trying even harder” to follow the “perfect example” she said she found in Jesus.

Its tone contrasts dramatically with that adopted by other politicians, summed up by Tony Blair’s chief Downing Street spin doctor Alastair Campbell years later when he said:  “We don’t do God.”

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  • Cathi DeGenova

    How can this man be the same person as the boy who was only nine years old in 1980. This would make him only 42 years old. I’m sorry the older gentlemen in this photo can not be only 42 years old. This photo seems to be more accurate.

  • Bill M.

    Years ago, I read that at a dinner party at 10 Downing Street, a server dropped a tray or spilled something – a major gaffe that had the poor woman in tears. Margaret Thatcher’s response to this was to rise from the table and comfort her.

  • Manny

    Well good for her. I love Margaret Thatcher but I will say I learned something about her these recent weeks I didn’t know. She was pro-abortion and didn’t do anything to modify the British laws on it. I don’t know the political circumstances that she faced but I would assume since she didn’t speak out on life issues she pretty much endorsed the pro-abortion stance. She certainly was not as perfect as Jesus.