Peter’s Toes


In the Middle Ages, pilgrims who made the arduous trip to Rome to visit St. Peter’s Basilica gazed with fondness and awe upon a larger-than-life bronze statue of St. Peter.  The statue, sculpted by Arnolfo di Cambio in the 13th century, depicted the first pope—his right hand extended to confer a blessing, while his left hand clutched the keys of the Kingdom, holding them close to his heart.But for many pilgrims who snaked, single-file, into the great Basilica, it was Peter’s feet that captur … [Read more...]

Hurray for Hobby Lobby! Christian Company Wins Another Round in Appeals Court

Hobby Lobby

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has just dealt another blow to Obamacare, granting a reprieve to Oklahoma-based arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby.On Thursday the Court ruled that Hobby Lobby stores and Mardel, their sister company which sells Christian books, won’t have to start paying millions of dollars in fines next week for failing to comply with the HHS Mandate provision requiring that companies include contraceptive coverage in employees’ health insurance plans.Since 197 … [Read more...]

Who Is Pope Francis? Cute Little Video Tells His Story

Who Is Pope Francis

Each day we learn a little more about our new pope.  We get to know his warm heart, his quick wit, his boyish smile.The folks at have produced an animated video to help you get to know Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, a little better.   The video was produced in fifteen languages, and was released via YouTube on June 26. … [Read more...]