Jason Bach’s Catholic Cartoons Both Tickle and Teach

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Jason Bach posted a cartoon on his personal Facebook page—and a new career was launched.  Readers loved it and shared it—more than 4,000 times.

Jason, who had been drawing comics for as long as he could remember, realized he was onto something, and that if he drew it, people would come.  Incredulous at the response, Jason launched a new website to showcase his original comics.  Explaining how it all happened, Jason says:

“This made me think that maybe there was an under-served niche for more Catholic cartoons. So I put together a few more and people keep reading them so I keep making them! Not my plan but it seems to be working out well!”

There’s no computer animation in Bach’s sketches.  The work is done by hand, the old-fashioned way.

“I draw my cartoons on Bristol board with a sable brush and India ink,” Jason explains.

“I use a technical pen for the frames, word bubbles, and dialogue. I have a calligraphy nib for odds and ends. Sometimes I’ll shade or color the strip in Photoshop, and if I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll try my hand at watercolor. Very low tech but I like it that way.”

Jason’s only professional training was an art class in high school.  He earned a bachelor of arts in Spanish at Oregon State University, then pursued a Master’s of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey.

Visit his website for more creative Catholic comics.

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  • moseynon

    Kathy, thanks for letting us know about this cartoonist and his website. As everyone can see from the illustration you posted, Jason Bach has clever jokes. And, looking back at the previous cartoon, he does a decent caricature of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict as well.

    I’m bookmarking this site!

  • Thinkling

    I absolutely love his cartoon showing different reactions to the election of Pope Francis.

  • Thinkling

    Just got back from reading *all* his Catholic cartoons. The “naked in St Peter’s Square” one is priceless.

  • kaitlin

    Yay, Jason! A great guy and a talented artist.

  • AnnieElf

    I’ve been enjoying Jason’s cartoons for a while now. If he ever puts a book together, I’ll buy a copy as I’m sure all his fans will. The characters are so appealing and the lo-tech, as he calls it, adds to its charm. The personal touch is clear and obvious. Draw on, Jason!