Hollywood Popefest: Chris Rock Calls Francis “the Greatest Man Alive”

The Pope is Catholic—and I have a feeling some folks are going to be REALLY disappointed when they figure that out.

Last week, Twitchy.com pointed out that there are a whole lotta liberals who are just lovin’ on Pope Francis.  Political pundits, media elites, abortion advocates, Hollywood celebrities…. They’re lining up to play Praise the Pontiff, in the bold misconception that he’s going to change Church teaching regarding liberals’ sacred cows of abortion and homosexual marriage.  They’re headed for a big disappointment.

 Now hopping aboard the Pope Francis Loveboat is Chris Rock, who thinks he is “the greatest man alive.”

And even Jane Fonda has to get in on the PraiseFest.  She thinks he has something to teach the U.S. Congress about economics.

M y advice for hyperventilating Hollywood liberals:  Relax and take a deep breath.

The Pope is Catholic.

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  • I kind of feel more comfortable with good old Pope Benedict XVI. When you get acclaims from those people it makes me nervous. Is it them that are reading the Pope incorrectly or are we catholics incorrectly reading the Pope or perhaps is the Pope stringing us along? I’ve seen politicians string along the rank and file of their party for some future change that the rank and file don’t want. Anyway the Pope is doing great. He’s openning people’s eyes to the Church. I hope I won’t get disappointed somewhere down the road.

    • Steve

      There were times that Jesus himself drew huge crowds and was seen as a popular prophet. But then another huge crowd called to crucify him. So things can change pretty quickly.

      • Veritas

        The crowd that hated Jesús were the conservatives, the sanhedrin, the hierarchy. Sounds familiar doesn it?

        • Steve

          I’m pretty sure liberals would have done the exact same thing to him if they got the chance. The Gospel has never really been compatible with conservatism or liberalism, it can only be selectively edited to be more palatable to them.

      • Veritas

        The old always tend to despise the new, or at least distrust them. It happens in all áreas of life, even in HighSchool, seniors mock the freshmen etc etc. Jesús proposed a new way of seeing and preaching God. Jesús gave us the real God, and he payed a high Price for that.

  • StumbleBumble

    Good old Papa Emerito followed the Lord’s call into retirement and thus his desire to contemplate the Lord, without further distractions, was granted. May we all benefit from his love of silence and prayer. I often try to remember Papa Emerito as he prays so I can unite my prayers with his for Papa Francis and the entire Church.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for these two wonderful gifts…Papa Francis and Papa Benedict.

  • Frank McManus

    How sad that so many believing Catholics utterly fail to rejoice that for the first time in many years, the public face of the Church is starting to be portrayed in a positive way in the mass media. Instead they carp and mock and dismiss this astonishing moment.

    Newsflash: Chris Rock knows the Pope is Catholic. Maybe now he and so many thousands, and even millions, of others, will have a real opportunity to begin hearing the message of the gospel.

    But it doesn’t sound like you really care that much about that happening.

  • martinsnapp

    The Pope is being a true Christian, and you’re complaining?

  • Christine

    The pope is reminiscent of the brand of Catholicism that I grew up with, which is extremely atypical of the mainstream conception of the church. I attended Catholic school grades K-12, in San Francisco. My high school was run by priests who belong to Francis’ order – the Jesuits. They have a reputation for focusing on intellectual growth, social justice, and an agenda that tends to be much more liberal than that of the average Catholic. I was a member of my school’s gay straight alliance, which whose official moderators included the dean of students, and a Jesuit priest – they both were advocates for equality and saw the issue of not just tolerating, but fully accepting gay people as one that very much aligned with their Christian value system. This was San Francisco, but it was also ten years ago, when the general social climate and mainstream media were considerably less open than they are today. Perhaps the pope is not as liberal as the people I encountered in high school, but I do believe that he is headed in the right direction, and one that I believe reflects true Christianity in it’s focus on love and acceptance, and a general sense of compassion. Many changes need to happen and his refreshing attitude gives reason to hope that they will. If this happens, he will be correcting a deviation from the philosophy of Christianity, as preached by the big guy himself, JC. He is demonstrating, in the way he lives his own life, the beautiful philosophy that underlies Christianity. The world desperately needs more people who embrace values that align with those of a philosophical Christianity, which are by no means exclusively accessible to Catholics. Kudos Francis!