German “Circus Mass” Transforms Liturgy Into Sideshow

Leading the pack in the “Worst Liturgy Ever” Competition….Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the CIRCUS MASS organized by Caritas of Germany.There's something for everyone!There's liturgical dance:And a contortionist:There are clowns on cycles:Even a musical priest!I believe this particular mass occurred on December 16, 2012.You can see all this and more in the video which follows. … [Read more...]

Win Two “Shining Light Dolls”–Here’s How!

Shining Light Dolls

Well, these are just so cute!The Holy Father is consecrating the WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Sunday October 13, promoting devotion to Our Lady.  On the same day, the Equipping Catholic Families blog is hosting a Shining Light Dolls Giveaway.The dolls are 3.5″ tall and made of rotocast vinyl: safe, durable, unbreakable and no removable parts!  They are perfect for inspiring devotion to Our Lady in our kids with their little praying faces and posture and contemporary styling th … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies: MARY OF NAZARETH

The Holy Family in the cave at Bethlehem

Today I attended a sponsored screening of the new motion picture Mary of Nazareth, which has just been released by Ignatius Press.First off, let me tell you:  I loved it.  This full-length feature film about the life of Mary, the mother of God, was filmed in Europe and shot in English in high definition.  It seemed to me to be a living, moving Carravaggio painting—with its rich color palette and the subtle interplay of light and shadows.The film vividly captures the essence of Our Lad … [Read more...]