Bling Bishop’s Lavish Mansion May Be Converted to a Soup Kitchen

Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the "Bishop of Bling"

In case the “Bishop of Bling” thought tempers would cool down and things would return to normal, Catholic Church officials in his own diocese of Limburg have just announced that his lavish mansion will be repurposed to help the homeless.Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the German bishop who was suspended last week by Pope Francis following complaints by outraged Germans about his extravagant lifestyle, will remain “outside of the diocese” for an undetermined length of time.   And now, he … [Read more...]

Shoes for Baby Atheists

Atheist baby shoes

“All babies are born atheists,” claims Berlin’s Atheist Shoe Company.  The company plans to market a new line of shoes for baby atheists, who only believe in “Mummy, Daddy and boobies.”First, I’ve got to admit that the shoes are amazing (except for that political sloganeering on the soles), and the Kickstarter video is simply hilarious.  (Watch the video below; just don’t get caught up in believing their faulty premise.)But then, I’ve got to take exception with their initial premise:  … [Read more...]

Come On In, Get Comfy! Pope Francis’ Relaxed Attitude Means That People Are Taking His Seat

Pope Francis with child in his chair

Pope Francis continues to surprise and charm with his warmth and hospitality.I see a meme developing:  Pope giving up his chair to someone…. a soldier, an athlete, a child…. and choosing to stand.Back in April, when we were just getting to know him, Pope Francis brought a chair (and a sandwich!) outside to a member of the Swiss Guard who had been assigned to guard his doorway at the Domus Sanctae Marthae.In June, Pope Francis invited 17-year-old Alberto di Tullio, who has Down synd … [Read more...]