The Sign Language for Abortion

Today, on the 41st anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, we look back on 56 million abortions in the United States.  That’s 56 million babies killed in their mothers’ wombs.

Here is the sign language for abortion.  Sort of straight and to the point, isn’t it?

  • Kelly Thatcher

    I’m so sorry.

  • Manny

    How appropriate.

  • Theresa

    When I was in high school, I learned a slightly different version of this sign ( Both signs are very clear and heartbreaking, but this version has always struck me as more complete. The flat hand representing the mother and the hand reaching in representing the one performing the abortion are very clear reminders of the many victims of abortion; babies, families, and workers. we must keep praying for change.

  • irena mangone

    It’s horrible

  • oregon nurse

    WOW! The juxtaposition of the cradling hands rocking the baby and then the grabbing fist throwing it out like garbage is very powerful. The expression on the woman’s face is powerful too. I won’t forget this any time soon.