Beauty Abounds: Sweetest Heart of Mary Church

Last year, when St. Josaphat Church in Detroit sustained significant damage to its steeple in a windstorm, the parish brought in a company which used a drone to capture close-up views of the damage.

I like to visit the places where Detroiters have gathered to pray, and I’ve written before about St. Josaphat here and here, and the effort to restore their steeple and reopen the church.

Anyway, Sweetest Heart of Mary is one of three historic churches–along with St. Josaphat and St. Joseph’s–which have been clustered in a single parish, Mary of Divine Mercy.  The drone apparently did some filming in each of the three:  capturing the green-tone copper elements on the steeple of St. Joseph’s near Eastern Market, before wafting into the great doors at Sweetest Heart of Mary.

Detroit has many historic places of worship, but Sweetest Heart of Mary is, in my view, the most beautiful of all.  I’m including here a few photos, as well as the breathtaking video from HelloAerial.

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  • Wow they are beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen prettier churches anywhere in the United States, including St. Patrick’s in New York City.

    • kathyschiffer

      Another that really stands out is Old St. Mary’s in Greektown. I must remember to do a post on that one sometime!

      • A couple months ago I had a business trip in the Detroit area and I passed through by the highway from the airport to the town I was going to, somewhere north east of the city. I can’t recall the name of the town at the moment. But I was afraid to get off into the streets. I could see burnt out houses from the highway.

    • Dan13

      It’s a very pretty church. The marble altars and stained glass remind me of my own parish, which is in the same style (although my church isn’t as pretty). I really like that style (so much so that I when I visited Paris, I prefered Sacre Coeur in Montmartre to Notre Dame), but I’m probably a bit biased because I grew up in a church like that.

      And, while it isn’t in the U.S, the cathedral in Montreal is very nice.