Fr. Walker, Young Priest Murdered in Phoenix, Teaches About Mercy and Justice


“We have grown far too attached to our own knowledge, our technology, and our pleasures–such that we have forgotten God and what He has done for us.”  

Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP

On June 11, 29-year-old Father Kenneth Walker, a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter  (FSSP), was killed in what is believed to be a burglary.  Father Joseph Terra, 56, who was with Father Walker at the rectory of the FSSP’s Mater Misericordia Mission, was also shot and remains hospitalized.

One touching story emanating from the tragedy is how Father Terra, wounded himself, managed to administer the Last Rites to the dying Father Walker before the ambulance arrived.

Watching this young priest, who had been ordained only two years when his life was tragically cut short, it’s hard to imagine that someone so eager to lead others to Christ will not be here to carry on his noble mission.  We pray that God will welcome him into heavenly glory, and that through his continuing intercession from his heavenly home, others will continue to grow in faith and love.

Through the wonders of technology, we have one more opportunity to learn from Father Walker, as he speaks about God’s great mercy and love.

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