St. Joseph’s Near Detroit’s Eastern Market Gets Help Through the “Mass Mob” Movement

St. Joseph Catholic Church stands across the street from Detroit’s historic Eastern Market.  The 141-year-old church has a proud history serving the German settlers in Detroit; but in recent years, a failing economy and shifting population have meant financial uncertainty for the beautiful edifice.

Enter the Mass Mob Movement.

Patterned after a similar program in Buffalo, Detroit’s “Mass Mobs” attend weekend liturgies one Sunday each month at a struggling inner city church, bringing needed dollars to the collection plate.

On Sunday, June 29, area Catholics are encouraged to attend the 11:30 a.m. Mass at St. Joseph’s, which is located at 1828 Jay Street near Gratiot.  A men’s choir will perform during the liturgy.  After Mass, tours of the facility will be offered, as well as refreshments in the parish hall.

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  • Kelly Thatcher

    What a wonderful idea! Thanks, Kath!

  • Christie Gregor

    Indeed an engaging idea and more so promote the value of the Holy Eucharist and active participation in the Mass including parish activities.
    God bless this effort!

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