Will Michigan Legislature Protect Religious Freedom of Adoption Agencies?

Will Michigan Legislature Protect Religious Freedom of Adoption Agencies? March 18, 2015

The Michigan House of Representatives will vote this afternoon on legislation which would allow faith-based adoption agencies to continue to provide services in the state.

House Bills 4188-4190 would allow Catholic and other faith-based adoption agencies to abide by the teachings of their faith, and to refuse to place children into homes with same-sex or unmarried couples.  As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments next month on whether same-sex “marriage” should be legalized in Michigan and other states, the proposed legislation would ensure that religious beliefs of Church-sponsored agencies are respected.

The bills would not prevent same-sex couples from seeking adoption assistance at other agencies in the state.  Rather, the bill would ensure that a broad variety of adoption agencies continue to operate in the state.

The Michigan Catholic Conference believes that passage of House Bills 4188-4190 is in the best interest of vulnerable children, and will help secure a wide network of faith-based and secular providers in the state.  Tom Hickson, MCC’s Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, said in a statement:

“This legislation helps to preserve diversity in child placement and ensures children are of first and foremost concern. Solidifying the state’s long-standing relationship with faith-based child placement agencies will result in​ more providers, which means more placement of foster children into ‘forever families.’

As has been stated numerous times, this legislation does not prohibit adoption to any classification of persons, but merely places into law what the state has practiced for decades. We encourage the full House to act swiftly and send these important bills over to the State Senate.”


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  • Will

    Of course this will pass, but what will Mr. “No comment” governor do?

  • Nathaniel

    An excellent start. I hope the bill is amended so that they don’t have to place children in the homes of those Christ Killing Jews either. Forbidding services to the hell bound is the essence of religious freedom after all.