Planned Parenthood Admits To Past Harvesting of Fetal Tissue in Michigan

Human fetus 10 weeks with amniotic sacPlanned Parenthood of Michigan has admitted that they harvested fetal tissue in the past, although Lori Carpentier, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan, says it’s not going on any longer.

The disclosure came during a discussion on WKAR, the PBS affiliate at Michigan State University.  The station’s news show “Current State” welcomed Carpentier and Genevieve Marnon, public affairs associate at Right to Life of Michigan, to discuss the current controversy involving Planned Parenthood’s alleged sale of fetal body parts.

Asked by the interviewer whether she shares the concern of other pro-life organizations about Planned Parenthood’s practices, RTL’s Marnon said yes, this is a concern to Right to Life here in the state of Michigan, as well. The Center for Medical Progress has released film footage of Planned Parenthood officials “haggling over fetal tissue, brokering baby body parts, as it were,” and Marnon found the disclosures very disturbing.

But here’s where it gets interesting: While insisting that the videos are highly edited and therefore not a concern, Planned Parenthood CEO Carpentier essentially admitted that her organization has, in the past, engaged in the practice of harvesting fetal tissue. It’s not happening now, she insists; but yes, it is a part of their history. “I can only speak to what’s happening at Planned Parenthood,” she says, “and nothing inappropriate is.”

One can certainly contest her claim that killing the unborn–whether by dismemberment, lethal injection or scalding with saline solution–is “not inappropriate”; but one can also marvel at her callous admission that fetal tissue procurement has happened in the past.

Following is an excerpt from Ms. Carpentier’s testimony on the WKAR transcript:

“We also sat down with Senator MacGregor* and have full cooperation with them. We intend to show them whatever they want to know.

Whatever people believe they have seen on the videos, what I can tell you is there is no program for fetal tissue donation in Michigan right now, and has not been. So as we go forward with this investigation, I’m going to be asked to prove a negative. It’s not happening here. 


And when it did happen, more than 20 years ago, there was no fee involved.

So people can light their hair on fire if they like, but there is no ‘there’ there, and I’m fully prepared to show that.”

So there you have it: Planned Parenthood harvested baby body parts, but they didn’t charge for it, so all is well???

You can listen to the full interview here.

*Michigan State Senator Peter MacGregor, Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee

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  • Nathaniel

    Harvesting fetal tissue for research is legal. It has been since a law passed with Republican votes in 1993 was ratified.

    • kathyschiffer

      That sure doesn’t make it moral, Nathaniel.

      • Korou

        I have a feeling that there’s more to this than is being said. And I have grave doubts that I’d find the truth about it on a Catholic Patheos blog.

        • Mark_Trail

          See, Korou, this is why CMP took on this journalism project: to expose Planned Parenthood’s deceptive and disgusting “life behind the curtain.” You wouldn’t know what was going on if not for their initiative in exposing the everyday lives of those who deal in the death of the innocents. The source of the offensive material seen on the videos is Planned Parenthood, not David Daleiden and CMP.

          Attacking the messenger doesn’t change the message, it just avoids the facts in the matter. HHS doesn’t inspect Planned Parenthood, which is their job; they are avoiding the truth for political reasons. Government should be made worthy of a free people; the people don’t have to be made worthy of the government. To be free, we need to be informed. If we want to be free, that is.

          • Korou

            “CMP” took on this “journalism” project because they feel that Planned Parenthood is a vile organisation that murders babies. And what came of their “investigations”? Plenty of people who were disposed to hate Planned Parenthood already hated it even more; a great media circus of politicians caused a great deal of trouble for Planned Parenthood; and a large number of investigations have been launched which have found…that Planned Parenthood acts entirely within the law.
            Take an example: the first video came out. Immediately, pro-life blogs began to shout” “Did you know that Planned Parenthood is SELLING BABY PARTS!” Of course, the fact is that Planned Parenthood was merely recovering costs for the transportation and preservation of fetal matter donated to science with the patient’s permission.
            There certainly is something terrible happening. Unscrupulous people are working on well-meaning but misinformed people to deal a blow against women’s health in the USA. When this all dies down Planned Parenthood will be in the same position it is today – an ethical health centre – but a great deal of mud will have been slung at it.

          • Mark_Trail

            Korou~ I get that you don’t want to see what’s going on behind the curtain. You don’t want to know, so you attack the messenger. That won’t improve anything, of course, but then maybe that’s the way you want to be: misinformed and uncaring while behind the curtain, the horror show continues.

            The entire weight of the Administration and its mighty hold over judicial courts will be brought to bear against CMP and David Daleiden, and that will be, if successful, just another mile in the Long March away from freedom for all freedom-loving Americans.

            No lie is too great or fantastic to mislead the willfully ignorant, compliant and dependent millions who have spent their days being free to ignore the ugly and disgusting practices going on behind the doors of Planned Parenthood. It has been general knowledge among the pro life community as early as 1992 that the selling of baby parts has been going on. The Gosnell Horror Show should have been a clue, but still your ilk act like “Planned Parenthood Saves Lives.” That’s the biggest lie since Hitler said killing Jews would save Germany.

            Little by little, step by step, the techniques of investigative journalism have improved, and now there is video evidence, straight from the mouths of some of the highest-placed in Planned Parenthood, that these practices are commonplace. There’s not much more that can be done other than attack the messenger.

            At some point, much like the baby in the womb, there will be no place to run; your dependence on your Master will be rejected by your Master, and you will discover, too late, why the pro life movement has been advocating for The Right to Life.

          • Korou

            Sorry, that’s just not true. I have no problems with seeing “what goes on behind the scenes” at an abortion clinic, although I might find the surgical details distasteful, just as I doubt I would enjoy watching any other surgical operation.
            You say that there is video evidence, but in fact there is not. What there is is interviews from which incorrect conclusions have bee drawn (Planned Parenthood sells baby parts!) which have then been rebutted (no, it doesn’t; it allows patients to donate fetal material from abortions to scientific research, and then recovers the costs of preserving and transporting them). What this has led to is politicians making fools of themselves, like Fiorina (“I saw a video, which I can’t find, of a baby having its brain chopped out and sold”) or Republican committees (“Take a look at this graph we whipped up, which clearly shows we don’t understand basic mathematics”).
            I’m in no danger from Planned Parenthood; nor are you, nor are any babies. What is in serious danger is women’s health care. It is being attacked by ignorant pro-lifers and grandstanding politicians. The only relevant comparison to Hitler here is the way that he too whipped up a too-angry-to-think electorate to gain support by demonising a harmless and blameless people.

          • Mark_Trail

            The video Fiorina referenced was not a miscarriage, as was reported, but was an abortion of a live baby. The full video of the abortion is available online. It came from the Grantham Collection. Stock video is used by documentarians all the time.

            Planned Parenthood is getting more money every year as they do more abortions. As they do more abortions, they do fewer other services. That’s from their own records available from Planned Parenthood’s own Guttmacher Institute.

            Women don’t consent to having the abortionist perfect their abortion technique while using their reproductive organs in the experiment. They don’t consent to having the abortionist turn the baby to get more baby parts. This is illegal, and it’s been admitted to on the CMP tapes by Deborah Nucatola.

            A baby dies with every abortion, and the mother is wounded in her soul. She will always be the mother of the baby she aborted, but you can’t parent a dead baby. Many women turn to promiscuity, which leads to more abortions.

            Women turn to God after abortion, but usually, because of people like you, it takes them longer. Your guilt trips against pro lifers are nothing compared to the ones you put on post abortive women who regret their abortions. It’s horrifying, disrespectful and base.

            Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood Texas, describes how a clinic could make a much as $5,000 per day on providing baby parts to researchers. Many colleges have abandoned Planned Parenthood as their provider of baby parts in the wake of this scandal exposed by CMP and David Daleiden.

            Abortion isn’t health care, it’s a racket. Planned Parenthood should be prosecuted under the RICO Statute (Racketeering).

          • Korou

            Oh well. I can’t be bothered to argue with you about this list of misconceptions, half truths and religious dogma. Get back to me when one of the many investigations into Planned Parenthood show that they’re doing anything wrong.

          • Mark_Trail

            Abortion is wrong. Anything after that is wrong, too.
            “You can’t practice vice virtuously.”
            ~Father Frank Pavone, “Priests for Life”~
            Pro Life Pagans’ dogma follows Priests for Life’s dogmas. Pro Life Atheists follows Priests for Life’s dogmas. The circle is closing, and getting smaller all the time.

          • Mark_Trail

            God gave us free will, but He doesn’t always release us from the consequences of our acts willfully chosen. I’d rather be a dog with no free will than to be a person who willfully defies God.

          • Korou

            I’m very grateful indeed that the character called God does not exist. He isn’t a nice person at all.

          • Mark_Trail

            “I don’t believe God exists, and I hate Him for not existing” is a faith claim. The evidence of the existence of God is such that only willful ignorance can account for denial of His existence.

          • Korou

            Who said I hate God? If God were real I’d certainly be scared of Him. I’m glad He isn’t.
            And no, “I don’t believe God exists” is not a faith claim. The evidence that God exists is insufficient.

          • Mark_Trail

            Of course God is not a nice person to those who resist Him. If everyone thought of me as a saint, for instance, I would be doing it wrong. If I think of me as a saint, I’m doing it wrong, in fact. What’s wrong with the world is us; what’s right with the world is Jesus, who reconciled the world to God the Father.

          • Korou

            Yes, I know that’s what Christians believe. As I said, I’m glad it’s not true.

          • Korou

            By the way:
            “No lie is too great or fantastic to mislead the willfully ignorant, compliant and dependent”
            Yes. I think we’ve seen this with the many lies which have been told about Planned Parenthood.

          • Mark_Trail

            Your dependence on your Master is all you have; he is the Father of Lies and a murderer and a liar from the beginning. He is whispering half-truth into your ears that are dulled to the Truth, Who Is a Person, Jesus Christ, the LORD of Life, and our only hope of forgiveness and healing.

          • Korou

            Yeah. Right.
            A lie is an objective thing. It is a statement about reality which is not true. Such as, for example, Carly Fiorina’s statement about a video which she says she saw, but which nobody can find.
            “This is an extraordinary moment in the annals of political deception. No walk-back, no clarification, just a persistent insistence that a video that doesn’t exist and can’t even be manufactured in the underground labs of political deception is really out there but, like the Emperor’s new clothes, only the virtuous can see it. In Fiorina’s world and the world posited by Goldberg, if people want to believe the big lie about the kicking fetus and the brain harvesting badly enough, who are we to tell them it couldn’t have happened?”

            “We are aware of no video showing such a scene. The videos, released by the Center for Medical Progress beginning on July 14,
            have focused on fetal tissue being collected for research and have
            shown some aborted fetal tissue. As we wrote before, the use of donated fetal tissue has been important in several areas of scientific research. Fiorina’s description matches up with one of the videos in
            a series the Center for Medical Progress has called “Human Capital” — but only with regard to how an interviewee describes her experience. Holly O’Donnell, an “ex-procurement technician” for StemExpress, a company that procures fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood clinics, relates a story of an intact fetus. She says that a Planned Parenthood doctor “taps the heart and it starts beating,” and then instructs her to remove its brain for collection.
            The video does contain images of what appear to be intact fetuses,
            but they don’t fit Fiorina’s description. In one, where a fetus does
            appear to move, there is a caption saying that the footage is from the
            pro-life Grantham Collection and Center for Bio-Ethical Reform; there is no indication as to where the footage was shot. In the other, it was revealed after the video’s release that the image was of a stillborn baby, rather than an aborted fetus.
            Though we cannot verify if part or all of O’Donnell’s story is true,
            the scene Fiorina “dares” others to watch is not present in any of the
            Planned Parenthood videos.”

            I think it’s sad that people believe in the rightness of their cause so much that they think it justifies lying to support it. Which, to be honest, is giving Fiorina the benefit of the doubt. It’s also possible that she’s just cycnically exploiting the gullibility of pro-lifers.

          • Neko

            And…as was inevitable, the demagoguery inspired some white guy to go on a shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic. On Twitter the responses of “Christian” anti-abortion zealots to the latest terrorist act against PP are yet more evidence that “pro-life” is only marginally concerned with pro-life.

            James Martin SJ is the only Catholic I’ve seen so far to condemn the attack.

          • Korou


            “There’s simply no way to accept Dobson’s abortion-is-worse-than-the-Holocaust shtick as an honest, good-faith claim without also concluding that Dobson is a monstrous collaborator — a man who has lived a long, very prosperous and untroubled life without ever running afoul of a murderous reich nine times worse than the Nazis.”

          • Neko

            Thanks. Again Fred Clark is on the money. It’s not just the white evangelicals who are free with the rhetoric, of course, but also Catholic fundies, who are pleased to call supporters of legal abortion baby-killers and genocidal maniacs and who appear to envision the Catholic Church as essentially a referendum on abortion.