Anti-Islam Rallies Across America on October 10 Contradict the Gospel

Anti-Islam Rallies Across America on October 10 Contradict the Gospel October 10, 2015

On Saturday, October 10, anti-Islam protesters are planning to rally in 20 cities across America. The organizers, a hate group called “Global Rally for Humanity,” have encouraged protesters to bring guns. An ominous warning appears on the Michigan group’s Facebook page: “Farrakhan’s anti-American hate rally in DC is only going to be the tip of the iceberg on 10/10/15. Join us and rally up in resistance across the USA!!!”

ISLAMIC CENTER OF AMERICA, Dearborn, Michigan  By Dane Hillard [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Dane Hillard [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The protest group had originally planned to hold their event in front of the Islamic Center of America, but moved the event near the Dearborn City Hall because they had not obtained the necessary permit. The organizers claim that their goal is to save America from radical Islam; but local Muslims insist that it’s blatant hatred and is intended to provoke them. Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), warned about the group: “They’re looking for a fight. We don’t want anyone engaging them whatsoever.” Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly, whose city is comprised of more than 30 percent Arab-Americans or people of Arab descent, wrote an open letter October 9 urging residents to remain calm and to pay no attention to the unwelcome protesters. The letter, which was published on the city’s website, said in part:

This demonstration is not really a forum for honest dialogue and anything that intensifies emotions will only intensify conflict. Unbelievably, this morning our own local television stations were telling about the rally and including the fact that the organizers were telling attendees to bring their guns. I cannot understand how that information was necessary for their local viewing audience except for stirring emotions on all sides. I am asking all of our community leaders to promote one consistent message: go about your usual business and ignore our visitors. We cannot let them succeed in creating a false image of who we are that goes out over the media. They will ultimately leave our community and we can use the experience to strengthen our resolve to be one community supporting all of its members. I ask that you share this message and help us remain persons of faith, justice and unity.

The protest is not likely to have the effect its organizers had hoped. In May 2015, a similar protest was held at a mosque in Phoenix. Nearly 250 protesters, some armed with AK-47s, yelled hate-filled epithets intended to intimidate Muslim worshipers. But the prayers went on; and after the protest, Christian and Jewish religious leaders held a solidarity vigil at the Islamic Community Center—rejecting the message of hatred and working to strengthen interfaith understanding.

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  • JustARationalGuy

    I hate islam. It is a false, demonic political system created by a lustful madman who should’ve been locked up.

    muhammed was a mass-murdering (The Banu Quraiza were wiped out on muhammed’s orders), raping, pedophile (aisha was 9 years old when her marriage to muhammed was consummated.). In light of the child sex-abuse scandal, The Catholic Church should be on the front lines fighting this false religion.
    Sources for those accusations against muhammed:

    islam is dangerous! Failure to study islam kills people, and wipes out civilizations. North Africa used to be 100% Christian, and home of St. Augustine, now it’s 100% islam.

    islam has never co-existed with any of its neighbors going all the way back to the days of muhammed himself. Before muhammed, the Arabian Peninsula was a mix of Jews, various Christians and Pagan Arabs, after muhammed it was 100% muslim.

    islam is the only religion that has the death penalty for leaving it. abu bakr, muhammed’s first calif, or successor, waged a long war against people who had only become muslim to save their own lives when the warlord muhammed came to town, it was called “the ridda wars” “ridda” is arabic for Apostasy.

    We in the west only know islam when it is weak. You haven’t experienced islam when it is strong. Ask the Yezidis, or Chaldean Catholics in Syria what islam is like when it is strong.

    Kathy Schiffer, you haven’t lived under islam. You can go to church without having to be called “whore” for not covering your head and face. Your church is above ground, Dhimmie Christians under can’t have their churches higher than the mosques, Churches in Egypt are below ground, nor can they ring their church bells, nor can they renovate or repair their aging churches. You can go and buy a Bible, or a Missal, Dhimmie Christians under islam can be executed for possessing a Bible or a Missal, the “Missal” doesn’t exist in places where Christianity has suffered under islam, having such a book outside of the Church can get you killed. You can wear a cross or a crucifix around your neck. Dhimmie Christians can be harassed and even executed for wearing that piece of jewelry.

    Before you talk about the subject of islam, please first educate yourself about the religion you’re discussing, and how that religion treats other human beings.

    • candide

      You got it right.

  • SOP Spiritofpeace

    It is not against the Gospel to protest Islam. Why is it against the Gospel, when Jesus granted us the power to use his Name to send demonic spirits back to hell? Islam is a religion inspired by Satan.

    • candide


  • candide

    What gospel is the author reading? Islam is either a Christian heresy, a diabolical religion of evil, or proof of the gullible semitic mind.