Comment on The Restitution of Jesus Christ

A buyer of my RJC book just now emailed me saying, “I have been advised by David Burke that your book The Restitution of Jesus Christ “is the most comprehensive Unitarian apologetic available; you will not find a better one.” Australian David Burke is a leading pastor-teacher and sort of a spokesperson of the Christadelphian Church denomination worldwide.

Although I don’t call myself a unitarian, partly because of the historical use of that term, I agree a lot with the original Socinians and early Unitarians. However, I strongly disagree with the ones who disavowed any atoning significance to the suffering and death of Jesus as Savior.

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  • ounbbl

    The book is printed with pages arranged wrong way. It is supposed to be read a page and then flip up …. and then to turn around to continue. Instead, after you read a page, you have to turn the book around to read the next page, and then turn around, to continue read. Don’t buy unless the publisher comes up the correctly printed book.