Is human Enhancement Morally Acceptable?

Medical science is going to make humans superior, both physically and mentally, and it's not very far off. They will do it mostly with gene editing, also called genetic engineering. The result is called "transhumanism" or "human enhancement." From birth, people will be much less prone, or completely resistant, to certain diseases, and they will be smarter and better looking. Scientists, ethicists, and religious leaders are discussing it. A high majority of scientists favor it. But will gene … [Read more...]

What Does “the Real Jesus” Mean?

It depends on who you ask? And any answer should be compared with answers to the question, "what does 'the historical Jesus' mean?" These are prime questions among Jesus researchers in the academy--mostly historians and biblical scholars--who specialize in what is called "the quest for the historical Jesus."Most Christians are unaware of what goes on in the academy. The Quest for that Historical Jesus has been a premier investigation that is generally recognized among scholars to have begun … [Read more...]

Stenson Wins 2016 British Open in Style

The tall and thin but strong Swede finally golfed his ball to victory for his first major championship win. Henrik Stenson, who previously had seven top-five finishes in majors, defeated American Phil Mickelson, five-time majors winner himself, by three strokes in the 145th British Open today at Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland. ┬áIt was quite a thrilling duel until the last few holes.Stenson and Mickelson started the day well ahead of the pack, with Henrik leading Phil by one stroke. Henrik … [Read more...]

The 2016 British Open and Rory McIlroy’s View of Golf in the Olympics

The British Open golf tournament is being staged this week at the famous Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland. Under benign weather conditions the first round on Thursday, five-time major champion and American Phil Mickelson got off to a blazing start with a 63. That is the lowest score ever shot in any of golf's four major championships, though there have been something like about 25 of them.His golf game this week looks like the Californian Mickelson, known for his penchant for gambling (as … [Read more...]

Birth Rates of Israeli Jews and Palestinians No Longer a Threat to the Jewishness of Israel

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Israel's feared demographic problem has remarkably dissipated. For decades, it was predicted that the high birth rate among Palestinian women who are citizens of Israel would eventually make Israel a predominantly Palestinian country. Predictions were that this would have happened by now or no more than a decade from now. Indeed, I reported this threat in my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia (1990). Not now. Things have … [Read more...]

More on the Philistine Cemetery Discovery at Ashkelon

I posted yesterday about the announcement Sunday of the discovery of more than 200 Philistine skeletons in a 3,000-year old cemetery at Ashkelon, Israel. Ashkelon was one of the five city-states of ancient Philistia, the arch rival of ancient Israel that we read so much about in the Jewish Bible (Old Testament). This is a major archaeological find that will have much impact on studies about the ancient Philistines, of whom there has been quite a lack of information.The most important goal of … [Read more...]

Golf Digest Cites my “Let There Be Light” Post

See the following article in Golf Digest, published on 2/23/16, that acknowledges my being the first to suggest there likely will someday be golf courses with glowing trees that will enable the playing of golf during the night: My post here on this is 2/17/16: "Let There Be Light on the Golf Course 24/7." … [Read more...]

Why Get DNA from Cemetery of 200 Philistines?

It was just announced yesterday that an archaeological team has discovered a 3,000 year old cemetery in Askelon National Park in Israel that contains the skeletons of 200 Philistines. (Askelon was a major Philistine city with an important harbor on the Mediterranean coast.) The discovery actually was made thirty years ago by the Leon Levy Expedition, a team of archaeologists from Harvard University, Boston College, Wheaton College in Illinois, and Troy College in Alabama. This elite group has … [Read more...]