Does the Bible Teach Christians To Be Pacifists?

During the early years of my theological education, for eleven years I attended regularly what I would call a somewhat militant church. The pastor had been a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force during WWII. At our church, he taught the Bible with a military style. He often said President Harry Truman should not have prevented General Doulas McArthur from pursuing war with China following WWII, as he wanted to do. As I look back on it now, I think my pastor there at that church bordered on … [Read more...]

Did Jesus’ Teach Indiscriminantly Non-Violence?

"Theology in the Raw" is a Patheos blog here on the Evangelical Channel. It has an article just posted today that was written by former U.S. Marine Sergeant Dean Meadows and entitled "The Few. The Proud. The Plowshares." Meadows says that he is a Christian and that he later came to a position of "non-violence." I think the article is unclear largely because it does not go far enough. That is, Dean does not distinguish personal non-violence from state and civil defense in the form of military and … [Read more...]

Tension Increases Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, consisting of about 1.5 billion adherents called Muslims. Only Christianity is larger, which has about 2.4 billion professing Christians, half of whom are Roman Catholic. Christianity is divided into tens of thousands of church denominations, whereas Islam is divided mostly into two sects: Sunni (ca. 85%) and Shiite (the rest). This division is due to a disagreement that arose immediately after Mohammed, Islam's founder, died. It was about who … [Read more...]

New Gun Laws?

I was born and reared in Seattle, Washington, went to college in Houston, Texas, and lived in metro-Houston for nearly forty years. This new year begins with a new handgun law in Seattle and one in Texas that are very different. In my (I hope) humble opinion, Seattle's law reflects sanity and Texas' law reflects our wild, wild West of yesteryears.Henceforth, each handgun purchased in Seattle will be accompanied by a $25 tax charge and an ammunition tax of two to five cents for each round … [Read more...]

“A Plea for a Return to Biblical Repentance” by Barbara Buzzard

The following is one of the best articles on personal relationships and Christian living that I have ever read. It is written by my friend Barbara Buzzard, wife of my friend Sir Anthony Buzzard. He is the son of England's former Director of Naval Intelligence during WWII. Anthony is now professor emeritus of Atlanta Bible College in McDonough, Georgia, author of many theological books, and patriarch of the small yet fledgling Biblical Unitarian movement. Barbara is a Christian writer. Her … [Read more...]

Christian Profession in America is Declining

According to polling experts, Christianity is declining in the USA. Gallup says in 2011, 92% of Americans (U.S. citizens) said they believed in God. And 85% of Americans ages 70 to 88 professed to be Christian.Pew says since 2007, the total number of Americans who identify as Christian has declined 8% to 70.6%. This change is not due to competing religions; rather, it is because of an increasing number of people not having any religion at all. And this change is occurring mostly among young … [Read more...]

The Church’s Embarrassment About the Second Coming

In the history of Christianity, various things have happened that have caused many Christians and even whole church denominations to be embarrassed about their belief in the second coming of Christ.Many leading, writing church fathers of the second and third centuries—such as Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Hippolytus, Tertullian, and Clement of Alexandria just to name a few—were advocates of chiliaism (=premillenialism), meaning that Jesus would return, establish his kingdom on earth, and r … [Read more...]

Should There Be Church Membership?

Warren Throckmorton posted on December 13 on his blog that Mark Driscoll is involved in establishing a "Bible based church" in North Phoenix, which is the general area where I live. Warren says The Articles of Incorporation say it will be named The Trinity Church and have no official membership. I disagree with that name for a church, but I agree with not having traditional church membership.How should a church be named? Well, anyone who reads this blog knows that I was a … [Read more...]