West Bank Jews Ecstatic About Trump

The traditional two-state solution for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has died another death with President-elect Donald Trump about to take hold of the reigns at the White House on January 20th next year. And Jews inhabiting West Bank settlements are celebrating it. Why? Donald Trump says the settlements are not "an obstacle to peace." That's according to Trump's Israeli advisor, American Jason Greenblatt, as reported by Israel Army Radio. A surprising 17% of West Bank Jews also have … [Read more...]

Duval and Karavites Win Father/Son Challenge

Today, David Duval and his stepson Nick Karavites won the PNC Father-Son Challenge at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. They shot a 10-under par 62 to win to shoot 21-under par and win by one stroke. This is a special golf tournament that features mostly Hall of Fame winners and their sons.It was a special win for David and Nick. Although they were long shots to win, David told his wife and Nick's mother shortly before the tournament that he thought they had a good chance to win. And David … [Read more...]

Some NBA Teams Are Avoiding Trump Hotels

Three NBA teams have admitted that they will not stay in hotels in New York City and Chicago that have U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's name on them. These teams are the Milwaukie Bucks, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Dallas Mavericks. It should come as no surprise that the Dallas Mavericks are avoiding Trump hotels. Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was a formidable voice during the presidential election that spoke out strongly against Trump for … [Read more...]

Matsuyama Wins and Tiger Is Back

Yesterday, Hideki Matsuyama of Japan won the limited-field Hero World Challenge golf tournament by two strokes over Henrik Stenson of Sweden at the Albany Golf Club in Nassau, Bahamas. Matsuyama is on a roll, since it was his fourth win in his last five tournaments he has entered. He is now the most likely player in the world to win a major golf championship who has so far not won one. But then, he's only 24 years old.The main story was that Tiger Woods--after 466 days of no tournament golf … [Read more...]

Review of Murray Harris’ Book, The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

Author: Murray J. HarrisTitle: The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross: Their Circumstances and MeaningDate of Publication: 2016Publisher: Wipf and StockPages: xvi and 108.Murray Harris is professor emeritus of New Testament (NT) exegesis and theology at the seminary Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. For a time, he was warden of Tyndale House at Cambridge University. His published works include four NT commentaries: one on a gospel and the other … [Read more...]

Does the Qur’an Promote Violence?

I have been a member of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) since 1999. Since then, I have attended all of its Annual Meetings except one. The American Academy of Religion and SBL join together to hold this Annual Meeting. These meetings are held the weekend prior to Thanksgiving in the large downtown convention center of a large city in North America. Thousands of scholars who are members or SBL and AAR attend. Perhaps a thousand sessions or more of approximately 2.5 hours are conducted in … [Read more...]

Is Mitt Romney’s Integrity in Decline?

U. S. President-elect Donald Trump, a Republican, is meeting with Republican Mitt Romney to consider appointing him as his Secretary of State, and Romney is acquiescing. Both moves are mind-blowing.No one spoke out more fully and strongly against Donald Trump during the campaign for president than did Mitt Romney. He said, "Mr. Trump is a con man and a fake." Romney later said, "Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He's playing … [Read more...]

Did Jesus Need the Holy Spirit?

Luke says in his gospel that "Jesus was about thirty years old when he began his work" (Luke 3.23 NRSV). But Jesus had been doing work many years prior as an artisan. The biblical description of Jesus as a tekton is usually translated "carpenter" (Mark 6.3; cf. Matt. 13.55); but it has a wider range of meaning that can include building things with wood, stone, and even metal. But Luke here refers to Jesus' public, itinerant ministry that he was just beginning as a prophet, sage, healer, and … [Read more...]